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The Packing House’s Urbana unwrapped

The Anaheim Packing district is known to have good taste, and their newest addition does not disappoint. Urbana has only been open for a month and has been attracting many people with the blend of flavors they’ve created in their meals and the friendly staff who happily greet you when walking in.

Urbana, a ceremony of food, culture and flavor from the belly of Mexico, Michoacán and Jalisco as the menu says, has allowed owner Javier Cuadra and head chef Vincent Alvarado to create unique and traditional flavors of Mexican-style street food that possess a gourmet twist. Urbana is so unique and that’s why the team believes that they were made for the Packing House.

Mexican art is painted upon the walls with skeleton figures hanging from the ceilings in the dimly-lit almost romantic cantina.

Skeleton Beauty
Day of the Dead art work Photo credit: Madison Brown

They serve both lunch and dinner and open at noon. Their menu includes five different sections for guests to pick and choose from as well as a full drink menu for those over 21. Urbana’s meals are all made in house with fresh produce and ingredients. Vegans and vegetarians are welcome as there are options for them to choose from so they wont miss out on the goodness that is Urbana.

Lunch and dinner both run a little under $20 with alcohol at $12 . The portions of the meals are small at first glance but don’t underestimate the size because there is enough on the plate to leave you stuffed. With appetizers, you may not even finish the meal and upon most of the tables was guacamole and home made tostaditas.

Enchiladas for One.
Shrimp Enchiladas with green a salsa. Photo credit: Madison Brown

The most popular of the dinner items were tacos. Specifically, the pork belly tacos containing pickled carrots, pickled daikon radish and cilantro aioli.

Arrachera Steak Tacos. Photo credit: Madison Brown

Husband and wife Luigi and Haley De Domimics enjoyed their tacos that night. They said they normally go to Georgia’s, which is another restaurant in the Packing House. For this date night though, they wanted to try somewhere else and they’re so glad they did.

Micheladas, chilaquiles, ceviche, even tequila they have it all. All the spice and the unique blends of food will continue to attract many to try urbana and fall in love with them. Urbana offers the real Mexican flavors most places don’t bring to life. Take a chance on Urbana and enjoy a place that will broaden your horizon and love of food.

They are located at the Anaheim Packing House at 440 S. Anaheim Blvd.

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