‘Insidious: Chapter 2’ Review

Kaylie Miraflores

The movie was directed by James Wan, a well-known name in the horror movie world. Wan made his mark in Hollywood by directing many popular horror movies like “Saw” and “The Conjuring.” He worked alongside Leigh Whannell, who starred in the movie, to write the screenplay for Chapter 2. Wan had much success with the summer hit “Insidious” that the second installment was eagerly anticipated by many horror lovers.

Like most sequels to horror movies, this one was a little too repetitive of the original. Going into the movie, you already have an idea of who is going to be possessed and what kind of supernatural force is working against them. It felt as if the first “Insidious” was told all over again, just with a different house. The movie lacked the ability to surprise and there was no unexpected third act twist to make the plot even the least bit exciting.

Besides a couple of moderately frightening scare sequences, there was more laughter from the audience towards the cheesy supernatural monster’s costumes than screams.

“Insidious: Chapter 2” ended with what seemed like a teaser that could lead to the next Insidious movie. Wan wants to start making the next movie, but the writers and producers of the two movies are debating if they want to continue with a third installation to the series. Of course with the film’s first place finish opening weekend and $40.3 million box office, Sony Pictures and FilmDistrict will undoubtedly be going back for thirds. Here’s to hoping the next Insidious movie will remember to bring the scares over the comedy.