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Quadchella: first of many big plans by A.S.

Associated Students pitched the plan to the faculty senate for approval standing 40 strong with members, senators, and executives. According to A.S. President Thor Roe, the teachers stopped their presentation somewhere in the middle to make their decision.

Power smash
Leaders from the district, faculty and campus all smash together in mobile photobooth provided by Associated Students at Quadchella on Thursday September 17, 2015 Photo credit: Christian Fletcher

“We are being courteous, we are being beneficial to the students and to the campus, and unanimously the teachers approved it,” said Ryan Pickens, A.S. member and potential senator.

Pickens described the event as monumental for the future of Fullerton College student involvement.

“This is going to make the school a lot more proactive,” said Pickens. “Hopefully, we’ll get more people into clubs, which will be more active in the community, and we’re going to make this school better.”

Roe also agreed this event came as an opportunity for students to get more involved on campus. He said A.S. wanted to make the campus feel more welcoming and make the students feel like they belong here.

“We wanted it to be grandiose and big and over-the-top,” said Roe.

Quad art
Students draw on the quad with chalk at Fullerton College's fist Quadchella on Thursday, Spetember 18, 2015 Photo credit: Pond Prakasit

In addition to live performances by local bands, Quadchella included chalk art, cultural exhibits, creative writing exhibits, face painting, and henna tattoos.

Although A.S. students obeyed the quiet rule and kept the music levels fewer than 70 decibels, Quadchella broke the time limit and was the first concert on campus longer than one hour.

Even so, the stage was set up as far away from the 300 building as possible to minimize in-class disruptions. Although this put the stage in extremely close proximity to the 200 and 400 buildings, these have been renovated with double insulation to prevent outdoor noise distractions, and the 300 building has not.

Lose yourself

In spite of potential student distraction, A.S. still thought a high student traffic day was the best idea.

“We wanted to catch students while they were on campus rather than have them come from their homes to campus,” Roe said. “We wanted to make it more convenient and accessible for as many people as possible.”

Possibly the most appealing advertisement for the event was “Free pizza!” According to Roe, A.S. spent $3,500 on pizza for Quadchella, but much to students’ distaste, there was some inexplicit fine print involved.

Students with A.S. benefits received free pizza, but those without paid $3 per slice or paid $8.50 for A.S. benefits and then could have “free” pizza. However, two hours into the event, A.S. did right by their advertisements and removed the dollar figure from the slices.

The pizza was gone shortly afterward.

Quadchella isn’t the last big event students will see done by A.S. Currently, A.S. is sponsoring a free trip to Cuba. All students with A.S. benefits are automatically entered in to the drawing, and the winner will be selected within the next couple of weeks. Also, A.S. is planning a Batman-themed homecoming, and is entertaining the idea of an off-campus winter formal coordinated with other schools in the area.

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