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Lana Del Rey’s heartbreak brings ‘Honeymoon’

Enticing followers since her 2012 viral YouTube hit “Video Games,” the sultry Lana Del Rey continues to seduce more listeners with her fourth studio album title “Honeymoon.” After many of her “Ultraviolence” songs were leaked in the summer of 2013, it made her push back her new album’s release date a year. She decided to scrap most of those songs but made “Black Beauty” more fast tempo.


Her title single and first song of the album opens with an eerie string section, a soft melodramatic/romantic serenade and background harmonies that begin with strings. At the four minute mark, the bridge and her final verse echo with the familiar phrase “violets in your eyes.”

With 14 songs on “Honeymoon,” and almost all over four minutes, listeners can spend about an hour listening to Del Rey pour her heart out about her lost lover. Del Rey’s fourth studio album is more soft and romantic like her single “Young and Beautiful” but still sassy with “High By the Beach.”

Her music video for “High By the Beach” was published early on Aug. 13, 2015. The video takes place in a beach house with a media helicopter stalking her. She gets fed up and destroys the copter in one shot with a high-powered gun. This is her first music video since “West Coast” was released in 2014.


“Terrence loves you” quotes Major Tom saying “She still has jazz when she thinks of her blues / She lost herself when she lost you.” This seems to be her broken-heart album. She speaks softly in her “Burnt Norton (Interlude)” similarly to her extended “Ride” from her “Born To Die – The Paradise Edition” album.

StarLine Tours Image credit: Photo credit:

If fans call the number advertised on a bus called the Star Line Tours on the cover of her “Honeymoon” album, they will get a recorded answer from Del Rey herself on her Honeymoon Hotline. The hotline is weekly updates for the album and allows the listener to hear “Terrence Loves You,” “Honeymoon,” a TED talk and her favorite lecture about the universe.

Del Rey continues to enchant, even through her sadness. “Honeymoon” is her latest masterpiece.

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