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Creating a culture rather than a campus

School can be a total drag for some, especially when students have the same schedule day after day, long lectures and intense amounts of homework. It may seem like there’s no real reason and no excitement in between classes stay on campus when they’re over.

Most students reluctantly get up every morning, struggle to find parking, go to class, then head home and end up getting distracted by the outside world whether it be due to a job or that urge to take a nap instead.

However, when students feel like they are truly a part of something, they find more motivation to succeed and ultimately do well in anything they put their mind to.

According to a post about student success on, “It is vital for an institution to create a culture, not just a campus.”

This means that getting students to be more active on campus requires more effort in organizing events outside of the classroom that bring students together and helps them see the “fun side” of college, especially in a commuter school environment.

Antonio Hinojosa, Alessandra Bocca, and Edgar Hernandez hanging out during Quadchella 2015. Photo credit: Sarah Espiritu

Students like Alessandra Bocca, a social work major, is currently in her third year at Fullerton College and has been able to attend a few of the on-campus events.

“So far the ones I’ve been at have been the music ones,” Bocca said. “I think that’s really cool that the students have an opportunity to show their talents for other people.”

Seeing events such as Quadchella make her want to stick around on campus and become more involved as a student as well. However, she’d also enjoy her time if there were events dedicated to helping students learn better study habits where they provide snacks and school supplies.

“I just feel that students spend a lot of time at school, but they’re not studying or doing anything. They just sit around.”

Administration of Justice major, Antonio Hinojosa, was very involved in high school and as a Freshman, he feels like there should be new events introduced on campus to bring students together via common interests.

Although he states that he doesn’t study very well and feels just like Bocca on her thoughts of on campus study events, he’d also like to see a Comic-Con type of event.

“I know a lot of people who are passionate about comic books,” Hinojosa said. “I’ve met some here on campus too, and it would be cool to see everybody just join in a conversation about a movie they really enjoyed based off of a comic book they really enjoyed.”

At a campus such as Fullerton College, it would be beneficial to create an environment that can thrive on its own culture by bringing students together.

Though it can be difficult to stir interest in students, teachers can also help provide resources to students as to help them find what their niche may be. Also, doing events on multiple days like a Wednesday and Thursday can help with the diversity of student flow for their days on campus.

More events like Quadchella and teacher encouragement can also be rewarding for students like Edgar Hernandez, a bio chemistry major, who wasn’t necessarily very involved in high school. Now that he’s in his first year of college, he wants to find others, like himself, who want to move forward in life and help him get better focusing for school.

“It’s going to help you grow in the future, grow in your education and grow in everything else,” Hernandez said on the importance of creating events for students to enjoy.

When students are able to enjoy their college experience, it creates a happiness that helps them defeat the battle of stress and allows them to feel like school doesn’t drag on relentlessly.

Perhaps the students of Fullerton College can see more events in the future–maybe none to the exact capacity of Quadchella, but more frequent ones that keep our students motivated and on the right track to earning that degree.

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