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Elado expands from LA to the OC

Elado opened up its new store of Mexican style ice cream in Anaheim on May 23, 2015.

Husband and wife Ruben Dorado and Michelle Gutierrez are the creators and owners of Elado.

Before coming to the city of Anaheim, Elado opened their doors in the city of Pico Rivera in August of 2013.

Gutierrez explains that the opening in Anaheim was much better than their location in Pico Rivera, Los Angeles; however, she thinks it because people knew about them already. Compared to when the Pico Rivera shop opened no one had ever heard of Elado.

“We had a lot of customers coming from the OC area to Pico, so they were really excited we opened over here.” says Gutierrez

Elado offers many unique and delicious ice cream treats which include shakes, smoothies and the popular Chabets.

Chabets are served in cups ranging from small to large. There are two kinds of Chabets; with chamoy and creamy.

Chabets with chamoy consist of sorbet with fresh fruit, and tamarindo. Creamy chabets contain ice cream and syrup along with a topping that goes with the specific flavor.

The Elado menu
The Elado menu offers a wide range variety of Mexican-styled ice cream Photo credit: Bianca Granado

Gutierrez shared that her husband came up with the chamoy flavors, while she likes the sweeter ice cream, she thought of the creamy Chabets.

Unlike many other ice cream shops, Elado’s ice cream isn’t mass-produced. All of the ice cream is made fresh weekly by one of Dorado’s relatives. Gutierrez and Dorado are always creating new flavors and bringing them into the store.

“A lot of the flavors are unique to Mexico but we come up with new ones along the way,” says Gutierrez.

Gutierrez explained that due to high popularity some flavors run out quicker than others and are not in stock until a new batch is made.

Watermelon & Cucumber Lime Chabet
Watermelon and cucumber line Chabet is swirled with chamoy and topped with fresh cucumber, watermelon chunks and tamarindo pieces. Photo credit: Bianca Granado

One of the most popular and refreshing items on the menu is the Watermelon & Cucumber Lime Chabet. This mouth-watering creation consists of watermelon and cucumber lime sorbet; the cup is swirled with chamoy and topped with fresh cucumber, watermelon chunks and plenty of tamarindo bites. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and spicy and is great during a hot day.

Abuelita's Churro
The Abuelita's Churro Chabet is drizzled in chocolate and filled with Abuelita’s ice cream and topped with warm churro bites. Photo credit: Bianca Granado

The newest creamy Chabet is Abuelita’s Churro. The cup is drizzled in chocolate and filled with a new ice cream flavor called Abuelita’s , which tastes just like Abuelita Hot Chocolate. After being filled with ice cream this sweet and creamy mix is garnished with warm churros. This is definitely a must-try for any churro lover!

As a child, Gutierrez would often take trips and visit Mexico. She remembers the ice cream tasting so good and different in comparison to what is served in America. She has been able to bring that aspect of the Mexican culture into Elado. All of the flavors and creations are inspired from Mexico.

“I remember going to Mexico and the ice cream was completely different and the flavors were really unique,” says Gutierrez.

Aside from the Mexican inspired flavors, the inside of Elado is Mexican inspired as well. Bright colors and decoration as well as a mural that captures some of Mexico’s highlights add to the ambiance.

Mexico inspired mural
This mural captures and highlights the Mexican culture Photo credit: Bianca Granado

Elado is located at 732 N Anaheim Blvd. and is open everyday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.. Be sure to stop by and treat yourself to something sweet.

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