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The Muppets Review

The Muppets are back on TV after a long absence from television.

The Muppets Photo credit: ABC

“This is not your grandmother’s Muppets,” said Paul Lee, president of ABC Entertainment Group.

He is right. We are used to seeing The Muppets in a varity show like Atmosphere.

The Muppets of the past were a very family-friendly show. But now this show will have to cater to an adult crowd in order to survive the prime-time hours.

This show takes place in the sound-stages where Miss Piggy’s late night show “Up Late With Miss Piggy” is filmed and Kermit works as the executive producer of the show. The show is centered around what goes on behind the scene in a “mockumentary” style ala The Office and Modern Family.

This rendition of The Muppets will take the more adult-humor approach. Within the first episode, you hear Miss Piggy talking about her butt.

Fozzie is in a innerspecies-relationship with a woman and he goes to meet her parents. Her father however clearly does not approve of the relationship and seems to be concerned while asking about how future grandkids may appear.

What ticked a lot of people off is the break-up between Kermit and Miss Piggy, which we now know was setting the stage for this show. Kermit however has a new “bae” who is revealed in the season premiere. Denise, whom is a much younger pig.

“What can I say? I’m attracted to pigs,” Says Kermit, as the camera zooms in on Denise sucking on a straw in a suggestive manner.

There is not much to say about Denise other than she is just there. If The Muppets were all ice-cream flavors, she would be a bland vanilla.

The first episode of this series was simply okay. Clearly all fans of The Muppets will continue to watch. However, if things don’t start to pick up in the next episode, ratings will go down.

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