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Inside SKŪP ready to drop the latest scoop in your sandwich. Photo credit: Javier Tinajero Jr

Straight out the oven come hot, chewy cookies ready to be prepared into a classic ice cream sandwich. However, this local ice cream shop puts a twist in their sandwiches.

Inside SKŪP are known for their cookie sandwiches and allow customers to create their own dessert.

To begin the journey to a blissful dessert, first choose the type of cookie being craved. They offer sugar, red velvet, Nutella-peanut butter, Thai-coconut, snickerdoodle and much more to satisfy those sweet taste buds.

Next comes choosing a choice in flavored ice cream and whether you would like one or two scoops. With 16 flavors to offer, one could be contemplating which flavor would be the best combination. Luckily, samples are provided to narrow the choices.

For ice cream flavors, “Thai Tea” and “Ube” are the most popular. If you’ve never heard of ube, it’s time to give it try at this local parlor. Ube, or purple yam, is a widely known treat popular throughout the Philippines. The ice cream does taste like that of a yam, but when combined with cookies, it’s a dessert that may have you coming back for more.

There are almost eight different toppings to select from if you want to add more splashes of flavor to your creation. If feeling like a child on a hot summer day, rainbow or chocolate sprinkles are perfect. If still in the breakfast mood, top your ice cream with a cereal mix containing Cap ‘N Crunch and Trix cereal as well! Toppings can sometimes be little pieces of heaven for almost anyone.

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The combinations are endless at Inside SKŪP. Photo credit: Javier Tinajero Jr

Cookies aren’t the only baked goods in this local gem; There are even brownie and donut sandwiches! The types of brownies offered are the same as the cookies, and a plain donut will be ready to go if you choose on that.

Of course, if you’re having too much trouble picking between a brownie and cookie, why not have both? That’s right, you can have a cookie and brownie to craft the finest sweet one’s ever tasted.

There are classic ice cream cones offered as well if one wants to savor their favorite ice cream, and toppings can also be added.

With so many mix and mashes that can be made, Inside SKŪP definitely knows how to keep ice cream and cookie lovers coming back.

Inside SKŪP is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Their new hours will begin in October from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. They are located on 575 N Commonwealth Ave in Fullerton, California. There can also be found on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

The location is tucked around a corner and can be missed at first, but one found it’s a great spot to get some peace while eating away at a frozen treat.

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Inside SKŪP’s walls of chalk art look as creative as their sandwiches. Photo credit: Javier Tinajero Jr
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