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The Intern

Imagine waking up tomorrow, retired, all alone and having done all the things you’ve wanted to do. Would you be happy? Or would you find yourself wishing you had some place to be again everyday? Ben Whittaker portrayed by Robert De Niro in the latest film The Intern by Nancy Meyer does just that.

De Niro’s character who is a widower and has experienced what it’s like to be retired wants nothing more than to be out in the world again and have somewhere to be. When De Niro spots a flyer advertising a senior citizen internship with an online shopping company not only does he jump at the opportunity but manages to get it.

With different roles for the interns to be placed in, Anne Hathaway gets stuck with De Niro as her own personal Intern. At first, Hathaway feels he is not useful to her and puts in a request to trade him but certain events throughout the movie bring them closer together.

Playing a mom who has a successful career, Hathaway is always exhausted and deprived of her sleep and family. Having De Niro come into her life helps her find herself again and remind her who she is and what she has created.

Hathaway who does wonders portraying Jules Ostin, an obsessive control freak who wants nothing more than having control of her company and her personal life, finds herself struggling with the idea of letting a big CEO come in and watch her run the company because of their doubts of her success.

With all the feel good moments during this budding friendship, Hathaway and De Niro find themselves in comedy that is not absent. Along with De Niro, Adam Divine and Zach Pearlman audiences will not be disappointed.

No matter what it is that brings you to watch this movie just take away from the message that it has to offers. You’re never to old or too young to succeed in what you want to do, all you need is confidence in yourself and people will respond.

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