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Knott’s Scary Farm wakes up the monsters

On Thursday evening, Knott’s Scary Farm kicked off its Halloween season for the 43rd straight year.

Come on in.
Welcome to Knott’s Ghost Town. Enter if you dare. Photo credit: Joshua Mejia

A sinister green witch welcomed a large crowd already lined up outside the gates while her monsters lunged out of every corner to give the guests a first taste of what lies ahead.

Before allowing anyone in however, she introduced seven of her most evil monsters, each one representing one of the seven deadly sins. Those introduced were seen lurking around the park throughout the night.

Guests held each other close as they tried hopelessly to avoid the monsters. One family could be seen bringing in their young children who were clearly scared to death.

I can't see either.
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Photo credit: Joshua Mejia

“They are just people like you and me wearing Halloween make up,” said a mother trying to comfort her daughter.

I can't see anything.
Knott’s Scary Farm scarers go around frightening guests. Photo credit: Joshua Mejia

There was great energy shown by all the performers at the front entrance and really got the crowd pumped up and excited for the night. Scotty Ward of La Habra has been visiting opening night of the Scary Farm for the past four years.

“For me, this is when Halloween officially starts–when Knott’s Scary Farm opens up. I know a few monsters here, and they are pumped and excited for tonight. They have been looking forward to this for weeks,” Ward shared.

Once the large crowd cleared the entrance, it was obvious that the attendance for the evening was going to be light.

The new go-to maze for this year is “PARANORMAL, INC.” Very neat special effects combined with monsters who perform acrobatic stunts will give guests a good jump.

The evening, however, was a bit unorganized and it was very upsetting for some guests.

Guests who purchased “Fright Passes” for the evening (gives priority entrance to the mazes) were waiting much longer than those waiting in the standard line. This was especially true at the Voodoo Maze where guests who had a “Skeleton-Key Pass” (gives access to an extra bonus room in certain mazes) were mixed in with guests who waited in the standard line. They didn’t even get to go into the extra bonus rooms.

The very popular “Hanging” live show also cancelled its final two performances of the evening due to technical difficulties.

There were also many invited guests who had reservations for the very popular “Special Ops” maze.

Guests who arrived for their scheduled times were told it was running close to two hours behind schedule and could stay and wait until they were caught up on schedule. The other option they offered was waiting in the normal line where open spaces were being filled to possibly get in the maze quicker.

Come on down to Ghost Town
Two scarers welcome guests as they enter Ghost Town. Photo credit: Joshua Mejia

It was opening night and things don’t always go perfectly the first time around. Season-pass holder Michelle Gunner explained her experiences of Knott’s Scary Farm over the years.

“Opening night is always going to be a dress-rehearsal night,” Gunner said. “This is the first day with real visitors and all employees and performers will learn from this and it will get better.”

Knott’s Scary Farm will continue on select-nights. Hours and admission prices vary depending on day of the week.

Check out our video coverage below.


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