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Transfer and go Greek!

All around the nation many college students prepare for what’s known as “Bid Week.” Bid week typically takes place at the beginning of each academic year. Every fraternity and sorority on four-year campuses are excited to bring new members into their so-called family.

Brothers and sisters
Some of the choices of sororities or fraternities to join Photo credit:

A majority of new pledge members are usually first time college students. Being a part of Greek life almost guarantees that students will have a fun-filled college experience as well as gain some brothers or sisters.

The question is: Should transfer students become a part of this?

Freshman college students are usually about 18 years old. Assuming a student transfers from a community college in exactly two years, they will be 20. When rushing for a sorority or fraternity, it might feel uncomfortable for a 20-year-old to barely be joining at the same time as someone a couple of years younger since in many cases, students are older when they transfer to a university.

So, should age be a determining factor of joining?

Jessica Alvarado, a transfer student from Fullerton College, recently began her first year at UC Davis where she is majoring in international relations. Alvarado decided to be a part of the Greek life at UC Davis. She shared that she didn’t know what to expect but believed it would be a great opportunity to meet new people.

Alvarado, who is 22 years old, said, “I was nervous to join as a transfer because I knew I would be older than a majority of the girls.”

It ended up not being as bad as she thought. Alvarado was able to connect with other transfer students who were also in the same position as her.

Regardless of when one transfers, Greek life can still be highly beneficial. Joining a fraternity or a sorority as a transfer student can also help make the transition a bit smoother.

“My sorority, Delta Delta Delta, has set me up with other girls who are in my major and had them show me around,” said Alvarado.

The letters of Delta Delta Delta. Photo credit:;=j&q;=&esrc;=s&source;=images&cd;=&cad;=rja&uact;=8&ved;=0CAYQjB1qFQoTCILBwtjQpcgCFQmliAodmNwFcA&url;;=AFQjCNEuCjjTCZBDUajboNtWXqmftNKKbQ&ust;=1443938621322765

Many times Greek organizations have alumni associations. In the long run, you can connect with members, and they can supply help and advice when it comes to getting a job after graduation. Overall, being involved in Greek life can be a great networking opportunity.

“Some of the benefits are the connections that are made within the sorority for future jobs or internships,” said Alvarado.

Aside from the connections, Alvarado knows that she can go to her sisters for anything even if she just wants to go out for coffee.

Being involved in the Greek life does require a big time commitment, which can possibly scare transfer students away. Alvarado explains that sororities host a lot of events and are involved in many volunteer services.

“If one can handle the time commitment, I feel like it would definitely make a great impact on one’s college experience,” said Alvarado.

Aside from the time spent at events, members also have to keep up with their grades, and some also manage work schedules. Involvement can be hectic, but it’s also a fun way to be involved, especially for transfer students.

Most first-year college students usually enter college without knowing what it is that they want to do in their future. For transfer students, this is a bit different. Having attended a community college gives transfer students the advantage of finding themselves and what it is they want to be before moving on to a university. This helps when choosing which fraternity or sorority to join. Transfer students typically know what they want to get out of the organization, and they know more so what they are looking for.

Go transfer and go Greek!

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