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FC’s plant sale brings life to Fullerton

There was a wide variety of plants to choose from at the annual fall plant sale hosted by Fullerton College’s Horticulture Department. During the weekend of Oct. 3 and 4, some of the plants included in the sale were California native plants, succulents, and even winter vegetables for those interested in growing their own fresh vegetables.

Plant perusal
Customers walk around and browse the variety of vines for sale on October 3-4, 2015 at the horticulture department of Fullerton College. Photo credit: Sue Hwang

Each plant was sold and placed in specific sections according to the type of plant it was. This made it easier for customers to find what they were looking for. Off to the side, they also had plants that were on sale and half off.

The plants are propagated and sold by the student interns from the Horticulture Department themselves. Jeff Feaster, an instructor for the FC Horticulture Department says that the money earned from the sale provides the finances for their internship program, which is offered to five students every semester.

“It’s a self-perpetuating process for the internship program. The funds also allows us to keep this plant business going,” says Feaster.

In addition to their internship program, some of the money will help provide for the additional costs that are not covered in their normal budget such as soil, containers, labor and other plant materials seen in the plant nursery.

Besides the Horticulture Department, the plant sale also benefits the ceramics studio on campus.

Cheerful ceramist
Melanie Donegan, ceramics technician at Fullerton College, displayed and sold ceramic ware created by ceramics instructors on campus at the horticulture departmen's annual fall plant sale held on Oct 3-4, 2015. Photo credit: Sue Hwang

The plant sale featured a ceramics booth. Handmade planters and stepping stones made by FC ceramics technician, Melanie Donegan, as well as other instructors, were sold. There was a planter for every home and personality. Each piece was unique from one another and came in different sizes and design.

“It’s something I like to do. It helps bring money back into the studio and pays for things that the state can’t pay for, so we can get things like specialty tools or glazes,” says Donegan.

Feaster said that although the plant sale primarily attracts residents locally from Fullerton, they also bring in people from areas all over Southern California such as Lake Elsinore, San Clemente and Hemet.

Customers arrive
Customers enter the Fullerton College horticulture department's annual fall plant sale held on October 3-4, 2015. Photo credit: Sue Hwang

Many of the people that came to the plant sale were regulars and have been coming for years. Doug and Susie Bratt, a couple from Rowland Heights and parents of former Fullerton College students, attended the fall plant sale on Saturday like they do every year.

An aerial view
A variety of plants from perennials to succulents were offered at the annual fall plant sale at the Fullerton College horticulture department on October 3-4, 2015. Photo credit: Sue Hwang

Bratt enjoys the fact that the plant sale offered a variety of perennial plants as well as California native plants that usually can’t be found in regular stores.

“The money also goes to a good cause. It’s a way to try and support the school,” says Susie Bratt.

Kathy Rosengreen from Fullerton frequents the plant sales every year.

“They’re personable, knowledgeable and give great advice here,” says Rosengreen.

The student interns running the plant sales were very observant and were seen assisting people that came to provide their plants with a new home, since they’re hands on and are involved with the step to step process.

Never thirsty
A large amount of drought tolerant plants were offered for sale in the middle of the courtyard at the Fullerton College horticulture department on October 3-4, 2015. Photo credit: Sue Hwang

Christine Brackman was one of interns that helped contribute to the plant sale. Out of the thousands of plants being sold, Brackman’s section included 100 different varieties of drought tolerant plants that is drought tolerant to countries such as South Africa and Mexico.

Blushing blossoms
Plants with blossoms were put on display to demonstrate how the flowers would bloom eventually. Photo credit: Sue Hwang

“I like that you can be smart with your water usage and still have the beauty of the flower and the soft foliage. In many cases, I have options where they can be used as herbs,” says Brackman.

The plant sale was a success in providing beautifully grown plants for the locals as well as those that ventured from other surrounding areas in Southern California. The big tomato sale and spring sale will take place later in the year.

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