Geeks converge at DTF

Madison Brown

The geeks left their computers to meet up in Downtown Fullerton Sunday night at Slidebar to celebrate one another and all the nerdy things they love.

In the past, they have been called nerds and freaks believed to be locked up in their bedrooms only socializing through their computers, but the appropriate term they prefer is “geeks.”

They shall hide no more thanks to Slidebar in Downtown Fullerton, which has become their new favorite spot to come out and interact with their fellow kind.

Ivan McCosplay, as he goes by, is the creator of the event and said, “What’s so great about Slidebar is that it has different compartments, which allows different activities to go on and for people to participate in.”

The four chambers include Room #1: Nerd Meet Up, where you’ll find them competing in video game challenges, Cards Against Humanity and other table games.

Room #2 includes having to actually talk to the opposite sex. It’s called the Lightspeed Nerd Dating. The first time they introduced it there were more women than men, and they had to go around asking guys to play.

In the back outside is Village Vendor, which allows people to come in and showcase their artwork and sell jewelry that is geek chic.

Rick Basaldua, who displays his artwork in the village, said, “This is my fourth Geek Meet, and I actually found out about it through Facebook. I’ve been in the industry since 2000 and specialize in chibi art.”

In the back you will also find them selling t-shirts and posters that promote Club Cosplay, who is the sponsor for all Geek Meets.

Lastly, you can find Band War Stage at the Geek Meet, which allows nerd bands to come and perform and get exposure as well as compete with one another.

Geek Meet is very loud, which makes it hard for people to communicate with another, but they manage to make it work and create friendships.

McCosplay said he hated nightclubs, but if he had to create one, he was going to create one that he loved. He had to think about what he loved and that was Batman and Star Wars and a whole bunch of other nerdy things. McCosplay felt this was never represented in a live party environment.

Fellow geeks Tommy Styles and Abel Cazares came all the way from Fontana for the Geek Meet.

“I heard about the event through Instagram and because I was going to Club Cosplay I thought ‘why not come down to Geek Meet as well,'” said Styles.

One definitely doesn’t have to be a geek or nerd to attend and anyone can just go to meet new people.

If Geek Meet isn’t an option, Zombie Prom is another event some can partake in.

Zombie Prom will be Nov. 21 and will be a interactive zombie scare event. Guests will have to be put through a scare first before the prom, and when reaching the end, they will be asked if they want to be bitten. If they say yes, then they will get made into a zombie for free and dance the night away.

Who’s geek enough to handle that?