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The true walking dead

There’s someone walking straight towards you, struggling to walk in a straight line. They do not bother pay attention to those around them. Their eyes are not keeping an eye on the walkway, but only fixated on a small screen filled with endless tunnels to the vast space we call the Internet.

Whether it is in a classroom filled with students, or at a restaurant waiting for the food to arrive, the technological world has consumed many people into its hypnotizing world.

The cell phone is a powerful tool, but can also be the greatest addiction one may have. Take for example a student in class: the teacher could be talking for an hour during lecture, while students in the back are glued to their phones, drowning out any other noise.

According to an article on college students texting, eight in 10 college students text during class. Nearly 100 messages are sent and received each day for one student. For many professors, this is found to be rude or disrespectful to the classroom environment, leading to the “no cell phone in class” policies many of us frown upon.

However, some professors have allowed the use of cell phones in class. Maybe because they know it is almost inevitable to stop it? Or perhaps because they have trust in students, and the fact of restricting them will only cause more of a rebellion.

Either way, this gives students a sort of power to do almost anything they want. But texting is probably one of the many temptations mostly used by students.

Take for example walking into a class on the first day of school. Many times you will find students sitting in their seats, hunched over, and scrolling through their devices. It is sometimes daunting to know that someone would much rather text in class, than actually socialize with a student next to them.

Not only does this affect student activity in class, but it can also effect it outside as well. Group projects are hated by many because the lack of communication.

One could be in class for over half the semester without speaking to a single classmate when the professor decides to put you all in groups for a presentation due at the end of the semester. They could find themselves in an awkward state with four or five strangers all looking like shy toddlers. Except instead of hiding behind their parents, they hide behind their phones. Many can relate to these types of situations, where you must take charge and lead the group to battle for an A on the project.

This follows people throughout their daily lives or during any event such as a concert. The day where fans would be jumping and screaming in excitement seems to be dwindling.

Today, those right by the stage seem to be glued to the floor, lifting up tablets or phones rather than capturing the moment with their eyes instead watching through a digital screen.

Restaurants are another environment that can be a great area to converse if the sins of technology are set aside. Some groups pile their phones on the side of the table to avoid any disruptions.

It’s a great way to step away from one’s own world and to gain quality time socializing with those around

Rather than scrolling through Facebook or creating a post about not being able sleep, try tugging the phone away instead of prolonging the night.

Phones can be a handy tool, however. It is a great resource at out finger tips. It is something we carry with us almost all of the time. Granted, there are times where it is inappropriate such as in the restroom or during a one-on-one conversation.

But the cell is an incredible piece of technology that can be used for the greater good. Instead of looking up videos of cute kittens in class, shut the phone off because you could be missing important details for the next quiz or exam.

This age of zombified-civilization doesn’t have to continue on. It can be stopped. The overpowering temptations in the pockets can be resisted.

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