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Ancient encounters at Fullerton College

Students packed into the Fullerton College Art Gallery for the opening of Encuentros October 29.

The exhibition included more than 100 pieces of ancient ceramic art and took about two years to negotiate and curate, according to Carol Henke, one of the five faculty members who curated the event.

Fullerton students were an integral part of setting up the show. Archaelogy and Art Gallery students worked hand in hand to document items, clean, paint, prepare and setup the exhibition.

Food and cinnamon tea were set up in the foyer for attendees to enjoy.

The gallery transported students into a setup similar to museums like Los Angeles County Museum of Art or the American Museum of Ceramic Art. Visitors tip-toed around the well lit platforms that were there to protect and showcase the vessels and figures.The platforms and Plexiglas cases were loaned to Fullerton College by AMOCA.

Attendees view encased items at the Fullerton College art gallery. Photo credit: Patrick Quirk

The ceramic pieces come from the MAW Collection, an anonymous group of collectors and educators. “[They] really built the collection for the purpose of teaching,” Henke said. “So I knew that I wanted to involve other faculty, so it could serve them best in the way that they teach.”

Encuentros, translating to Encounters, offered a space for students to observe ceramic pieces that came straight from pictures in their textbooks.

Most students that were present at the event came directly from their classes to the view the exhibition. “My life drawing teacher mentioned [the event] and dismissed the class to come look,” said Christopher Madrigal.

“There is a lot of importance in the details of the pieces, lots of symbolism, and each piece has its own story,” said Christopher Vu, a student in Intro to Gallery Practices.

“When you read the history behind the pieces, it’s really interesting,” said Brandon Bravo of Fullerton College.

Encuentros exhibition will be available for viewing from Nov. 2 – Nov. 30.

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