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Starving students on a budget

It’s common knowledge that everyone must eat, but most students have a budget on what they are willing to spend on food.

The Sodexo company within Fullerton College’s cafeteria offers a variety of food ranging from slices of pizza to burritos. But the question is: Are students paying too much for food and can there be a cheaper way for them to eat?

The demand for the cafeteria food is there. Most students do not have the time to make food and bring it with them. It is convenient for most students to eat on campus when they have a long a day of classes and study sessions.

However, there are ways Sodexo can help bring down the meal expense for students who struggle financially.

One idea is to have a raffle for all students. Students could enter a raffle by placing their name, student ID number and email to win a free lunch of their choice or an item from a selected menu. This deal would draw attention to more students on campus that usually do not dine in the cafeteria. It could get students involved and excited to participate in going to the cafeteria. It would encourage those students to eat at the cafeteria and to later enjoy a free meal.

Another possibility of a money saver would be a stamp card. The cafeteria is divided into four different sections. Each section offers a different type of food. One has sandwiches and salads while another has pizza. They also have Mexican food which includes tacos and quesadillas and finally there is a burger and chicken tenders sections. Each section of the cafeteria could have its own card or they can do it collectively. Every student would receive a stamp card when they purchase a meal. Collect nine stamps and on the 10th visit receive a free meal. This would provide an incentive for the students to keep purchasing food from the cafeteria but in return receive something for free.

The cafeteria could also try deals such as a “buy one get one free.” This could be done weekly, biweekly or even monthly. Pick a certain day to run the special and also assign a specific time frame for the deal such as 12-2 p.m. This kind of deal could give students a chance to pair up with another student and split the cost of one meal while receiving two meals.

Each section of the cafeteria could incorporate a dollar menu for all students. A combination of items that would sell and are popular would make a great addition to a dollar menu. This idea has worked its way into many popular fast food chains and is effective. It provides inexpensive options while making a profit on regular priced items.

Most students do not have the time to eat breakfast before class or pack a lunch that will still be fresh when it is time to eat. Students like to turn to what is convenient for them and that is the Sodexo cafeteria on campus. However, eating on campus multiple days a week, for several times a day for 16 weeks can add up to a significant expense.

Sodexo does offer a wide variety of delicious food and beverages. Hopefully Sodexo can incorporate some of these changes to reduce the cost of meals to help students who are on a tight budget.

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