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Time to celebrate the holidays

It’s that time of the year again: practically store dishes out all their decorations and holiday set-ups, as well as many homeowners who take out their ladders and decorations to set up again.


However, there is a question that needs to be asked: how early is “too early” to start celebrating the holidays?

It’s a little ridiculous to start decorating or selling decorations two months ahead of time, but when is the right time to even start setting up for the holidays? The week before? The month before? It most likely depends on the person. Although, it might be a bit rushed and too early to start decorating homes for Christmas.

Some stores have made the same decision to start selling holiday items earlier and earlier every year. So far, Michael’s was the first to dive in setting things up in the middle of July, with the usual tiny skeletons and quirky gravestones. Then following suit, holiday items were up on the shelves, too.


Stores are even smashing holidays together. For places such as Rite Aid and Walgreens they have one aisle full of Halloween and Christmas decorations, not bothering to separate them. There are also some Thanksgiving decorations, but if customers were looking for something specific, they shouldn’t go to Rite Aid or Walgreens.

Target has a few aisles dedicated to Halloween, some dedicated to Christmas, with a tiny sliver left for Thanksgiving and even a smaller section for other religious holidays. Although, it is amusing to see the that some holidays are left with the least amount of space.


There’s also the astonishing amount of homes decorated for both Halloween and Christmas. Some neighborhoods are also going all out and have finished decorating for Christmas in the middle of October, not even acknowledging the homes next door decorated with gravestones.

On top of everything, Disney might as well be known as the king of celebrating different holidays at the same time. They set up decorations in September, going with the “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme and don’t take the decorations down until the beginning of January. That’s four full months of decorations for the holidays. Virtually, they are the same too, with the exception of the entrance changing for Christmas, as well as changing the pumpkin on Main Street to a tree, and they aren’t wasting time to make sure they get everybody on the same train.


Let’s not forget the amount of weird and random decorations for the holidays. With the huge amount of decorations that they have, they included beverages and food items that are made to look creepy and full of Halloween spirit, and some were even decorated for other holidays such as Hanukkah.


Also, since Halloween is now over everything has to go and stores are in a rush to start moving the Christmas items on the shelves. They have marked everything half price and some items are even at a ridiculous amount off. So, needless to say, when the holidays are rolling in, the rush is on to get decorations out and ready regardless of the time.


Since the holidays aren’t fully immersive as they used to be, nowadays it is more of a mix and mash of holiday decorations from the middle of July to January. The next question would probably be asking how long these decorations will be out after the holidays are over.

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