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Digital format puts books back on the shelf

The digital age is fully upon us. With our smart phones and all of us being connected, all this information, music and books are right at our hands.

Now we can have hundreds of movies and books on our computers and gaming systems with digital downloads. But what is the appeal of the digital downloads?

Maybe it is the same appeal that made the iPod and Kindle so popular. Having the ability to store all these movies onto one simple item and have your entire movie collection at hand wherever you go. Now studios are pushing digital downloads more by releasing them weeks before the actual physical Blu-ray comes out.

I came from a time where VHS was cast aside to make room for DVD, then seeing Blu-ray take them down. But now that technology and everything needs to be faster and more at hand, will digital downloads make Blu-rays obsolete?

Who knows, maybe it will be the perfect pairing since most Blu-rays now come with a digital download copy of the movie.

For myself the whole appeal of having the physical copy of the movie is like having this wide assortment of books along your shelves. It was like giving us a glimpse of what kind of person someone is when we first meet them and go to their house, secretly judging them for owning certain titles that you deemed terrible. Which then sparks a conversation about movies that can go on forever and ever debating about what movies are good and not.

The only appeal to me about owning and buying digital downloads is the fact that I can get them weeks before they are physically released and still watch the behind the scenes bonus footage. As well as be able to store hundreds of movies, granted the hard drive space of course, on the go so when you’re bored at the airport or stuck in a boring class or in between classes you can simply just click and watch a movie.

With the popularity of digital music essentially making the CD pretty much obsolete, will this be true of the Blu-ray and for those out there that still buy DVDs?

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