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LiveWire gives students a creative outlet

Hidden above the cafeteria, Fullerton College’s literary magazine “LiveWire” held their open mic reading and art gallery on Wednesday, Nov. 4. The readings offered a look into the readers’ souls and toward the end, a few tears were shed in the room.

Entrance to LiveWire
One story being featured and read to the audience Photo credit: Andrea Ramos

The rooms were decorated with past images as well as decorated posters. Featured artwork displayed in a row behind the readers’ podium encompassed the reader in creativity.

The lineup included a wide variety of readings, a description of the featured artwork, mic readings and a magician.

As the readings continued, each story progressively grew more intimate and personal. Ellis Macaulay read her story “The Great Stirrup-Pants Incident of 1986,” and went on an emotional journey. She read with great confidence and importance to start, then as became more immersed in the story, she began to tear up and struggled to get to the end. Nonethless, she finished with strength.

There was also a feature story that seemed very amusing and surprising called “A Sweet Misery” written by Caitlin Orr. The story described a very sweet scene in the beginning and end with a very gruesome twist. It made for a surprise reaction from the audience with a few laughs and gasps.

Caitlin Orr

The written pieces and readings were very artistic. A few readers shared their enjoyment of being up on the podium expressing their feelings.

Readers were supportive of one another, even when things were tough to get through.

To find the room, LiveWire put up their posters to guide the crowd knowing that the people who didn’t attend FC would have a hard time finding the event.

Upon entry into the event, in the room were plenty of refreshments and pastries to snack on while being entertained and wisped away with all the creative energies.

Towards the end, FC English Professor Amanda Walzer shared a short story called “Middle School Open House.” Once she finished reading, the LiveWire staff surprised her with flowers and gratitude for overseeing the journal. Also, as the night came to an end, Editor-in-Chief Katelyn Hall read her short piece and was well-received by the audience.

Open Mic
The open mic held nov. 4th, was opened so writers could read what they have worked on. Photo credit: Andrea Ramos

The entire event and overall turnout was a success as the readers and artists were well received. Anyone can submit their work into the LiveWire website for their next issue and event.

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