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Students are encouraged to go green or go home

The Earth is an important place. It is our home and the only one we really have.

How we use the products on this Earth and how we dispose of them is very crucial to our very being.

There have been many shows and movies that showcase how life would be in the future.

In the TV show “Terra Nova,” a group of people go back to the past to try to preserve the future.

Even in Disney’s “Wall-E”

the humans need to escape earth because of the toxic environment. They leave it up to small robots to clean up the mess they have caused.

These shows and movies talk about how the air gets thinner because of pollution and how fighting for survival of the human race is even more important in the future.

Recycling doesn’t take much effort. You can take water bottles, soda bottles, beer bottles, canned drinks and milk cartons to any local recycling center and get a small amount of cash for what you turn in.

There are a few people on campus that help recycle. They dig through trash cans to collect the bottles and do it mostly for the few dimes they get from recycling, but it helps.

In a study done by Verizon Wireless, there are many ways college students can help the environment by being Eco-friendly.

The cafeteria is a great place to start. For every 1,000 meals served, 200 gallons of water is needed to wash them.

When turning in papers for an assignment, it helps if you set your printer preferences to double-sided to help conserve paper.

And if you enjoy drinking water, soda, or sports drink, carry a travel mug.

Many coffee shops such as Starbucks gives discounts when you use their reusable mugs.

Electronic cords and cables can also be recycled in order to help the environment.

Also, walking to places, riding your bike or carpooling help keep the earth a little bit greener.

A great advocate for going green is Disney’s Friends for Change. The program partners up with non-profit organizations to help inspire and encourage kids to help out in their community.

There are three featured causes that may receive up to $250,000 to support their work.

Extra funds can be earned through online votes from the Friends for Change community. A total of $750,000 can be donated to these programs.

It doesn’t take much to be Eco-friendly. It just takes a small change in your every day life.

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