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Who was Dexter Morgan?

Over the course of the Showtime series “Dexter,” the main character Dexter Morgan has been portrayed as many different people. At times he was an avenging hero who helped clean the streets of the really bad killers. There were other times where he was a sociopathic killer, incapable of forming personal relationships. He was a concerned and engaging father, but sometimes it seemed as if his son was seemingly nonexistent.

The most disappointing thing about the series finale of “Dexter” was that you never seemed to figure out who Dexter Morgan really was. There was little meaning behind the story. It was just a series of events that happened to a bunch of different characters.

In the end, Dexter was a character the writers shaped into what they wanted him to be for this particular story. It was the changes behind the scenes that seeped into the legacy of the series.

The show was developed based on the Jeff Lindsay novel, “Darkly Dreaming Dexter,” which formed the basis for the first season.

Over the course of Season 8, the show lost two of the three original producers and had three different showrunners. Each person running the series seemed to feel differently about his character. The character of Dexter from start to finish didn’t seem to mesh well together.

However, this doesn’t make the show bad. Many shows choose to focus more on plot instead of developing their characters.

But, “Dexter” was a ponderous show that asked the audience to consider who he was and his role in this world.

It had the potential to be a really great show. It was always an interesting premise and plot details would usually generate interest at the beginning of each season. However, “Dexter” occasionally had trouble seeing these premises through to the season finale. Even in its final season, what was the point of the whole story about Quinn trying to get promoted? Each season would seemingly be built around several big moments and could range from boring to dumb in trying to get the audience there.

In the end, that was perhaps what was the most frustrating about the show, just how dumb and forgetful each of the characters seemed to be. This was a show about police detectives working in what appeared to be the serial killer capital of the world and no one caught on to the crazy criminality going on in their own house.

In that respect, the finale lived up to what came before it. There were some good scenes between Dexter and Deb that felt genuine, but there were also some bizarre plot twists that were just confusing. At times, the supporting characters seemed completely oblivious to what was happening around them.

And always, lots of blood.

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