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Review: Adele delivers yet another emotional ride with “25”

Adele has always been known for bringing a lot of emotions and feelings to the table but disappointment has never been one of them.

The previously rumored, retiring Adele has released her third album, “25,” and has given her audience what they continuously craved since her debut album, “21.”

Her newest album, “25” brings listeners a much more mature and sensual Adele with her writing, voice and song compositions with songs like “I Miss You” and the bonus track “Lay Me Down” but also brings a refreshing lightness with “Sweetest Devotion” and “Water Under The Bridge.”

The majority of the songs have a pop base like “Why Do You Love Me” while others such as “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” are underlined with hints of Americana and R&B.

One of her better songs on the album, “Sweetest Devotion,” is a bit more Americana inspired and seems to be a much more personal song with lyrics like, “I wasn’t ready then / I’m ready now / I’m heading straight for you / You will only be eternally the one that I belong to.”

The most enticing aspect of the song isn’t only the lyrics but also the delivery; there is power and passion that supports this song.

Adele has never faltered in the delivery of the raw emotion of her songs and songwriting, but “Sweetest Devotion” displays a feeling almost everyone can relate to.

There are a few songs that aren’t as moving as others, but one of the more outlandish songs on the album is “Why Do You Love Me.”

It isn’t unusual for Adele to bring in a much more upbeat, lighthearted pop song into the mix, but a few of those songs can seem overproduced and slightly predictable in the world of pop.

Her album, “19” was an album that embodied a young woman with its jazz, slightly mainstream pop-attempt-stricken songs while dipping into some more soulful numbers. Yet, it truly showed the potential of a unique artist in the making.

Whereas, “21” demonstrated the darker, fiery much more mature side of Adele through her powerhouse songs like “Rumour Has It” and “Rolling in the Deep.”

Adele has found a way to combine the elements of her two previous albums that fans so much adored but has executed it in a fresh way where the audience can truly appreciate the feeling and lust over.

This album continues to push Adele in a direction that is making her untouchable and keeping her as one of the most sublime voices in music.

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