Is meat really the cause of cancer?

Madison Brown

For years, the word, cancer has been causing fear in people all over the world. Loved ones get diagnosed and scientists and doctors keep trying to figure out what can cure the disease.

Speculations about the disease is reported all over the news saying that we can get cancer from anything.The most recent cause appears to be coming from digesting meat.

According to, a new study has been published in journal about a high intake of meat possibly being linked to a higher risk of kidney cancer.

No more bacon
Time Magazine weighing in on the new claims that meat is causing cancer. Photo credit:

People have been consuming meat for years, so why is it a problem all of a sudden? How can we possibly prove these speculations to be true? Yes, scientists can claim that it is causing a higher risk of kidney cancer, but that doesn’t mean that it is the actual cause of cancer. mentioned a study comparing a number of people who had kidney disease with those who don’t. The article concluded that meat does have a higher risk of cancer.

It doesn’t matter whether the meat is red or white since the more consumption someone takes in, the more likely they are to being affected.

Does that mean people should stop eating meat?

No official claims have stated that meat is actually causing cancer. There has never been a problem before, this just seems to be another silly speculation to add to the long list of cancer-causing items.

In the past years, cancer was known to come from tanning beds, coffee and even the air we breathe.

People still tan, drink multiple cups of coffee a day and no one is living in a bubble of filtered air. So while it may be said that all of these things cause cancer, people will still indulge in them.

If some choose to believe that meat causes cancer, then by all means they can, but just because there’s a speculation, it doesn’t mean that it’s true.

It seems almost silly to believe this new accusation. People would have to find other meals that don’t include meat for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Christmas Dinner
A well prepared Christmas dinner that was made on a budget. Photo credit: The Suns

With so many wonderful foods that are prepared with meat and the fact that humans have been consuming it for so long, there is no reason to stop enjoying it. As it is a health concern, we could all try limiting our portions and stop eating so much that is processed but shouldn’t cut it from our diet.

If someone wants to go out and enjoy a steak dinner, then go indulge. Life’s too short to believe in all of the things we read about. Lets live life and do the things that make us happy.