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The future is in our hands

Election Day is less than a year from now, so there’s still time to learn about what each potential presidential candidate can do for the United States of America. That means college students, who are the future of this great nation, should really dig deep when selecting candidates who fight for the betterment of tomorrow, rather than what’s good for only right now or for those who are well off.

In a country where freedom rings, not as many people use this freedom to its full potential in a positive way. The voting turn out, especially among young voters, isn’t very great considering its population is the highest in numbers. Those who are voting the most are the ones who have lived a full life, but (as morbid as it sounds) may not even be present to see any changes take effect.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.29.51 PM.png
Chart showcasing voting trends as separated by age. Photo credit:

Regardless of what political party students may affiliate with, or even which ever one their parents do, they should take a look at the big issues at hand and see what each candidate has to say. One may be looking out for the middle class in particular or those who have a high amount of debt with student loans; the other candidate might prioritize giving upper class tax breaks and helping big businesses and banks instead.

The generation of voters between the ages of 18-29 can truly make a difference. Being an ever growing population of people, this is the age range that can be the oil that gets the machine going again to make America about the majority of the people and not just the few who make enough to live easily in their freedom.

Encouraging young voters can help show a true representation of what citizens truly want and feel about problems that occur within the government. Getting involved will also open the eyes of students and allow them to become aware of and understand issues that can affect them directly.

Before the final candidates are chosen from each party, the best that students can do is let their voices be heard and ask the hard and sometimes uncomfortable questions. If a movement of students push through and demand that candidates be asked what can be done for our generation and those to come, then perhaps our cry for positive change can be strong enough to make a difference.

Citizens of the United States of America are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to let their voices be heard, especially since not everyone around the world is offered that same kind of privilege. College students are an integral part of whatever state of being the future can end up in, so let’s make the government listen by voting.

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