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Hello Barbie, hello future

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s holiday season.

Many parents are flocking into stores and searching online for toys that would be the most beneficial to their children. As times are progressing, parents are looking for more non-traditional presents for their offspring.

Some parents are cracking down on what their kids can play with. More progressive parents restrict their kids from playing with guns, knives and dolls. These toys limit a child’s mind to believing there are certain gender roles that they should be following. It’s within most parents’ intentions to find what the most beneficial things for their children are.

As time progresses, technology progresses. With more people relying on technology, why is it not the same case for children too?

Relying on technology is not necessarily a bad thing. It can open doors for more opportunities that were not available before. Instead of people stressing that technology is moving too fast, the world should embrace the speed of the progress.

If people do not move forward with technology, people are moving away from it. The world should also embrace the benefits of a modern society. These technological benefits can come in all different sorts, even in children’s toys.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.47.30 AM.png
The new Hello Barbie doll from Mattel. Photo credit:

A new toy called Hello Barbie is making its way under Christmas trees this year. Barbie has been America’s best-known doll for five and a half decades, but this holiday season kids will get to know her in a new way.

Hello Barbie is a new innovation that will speak to children in a manner never spoken before. It’s a huge leap from recorded voicing that is activated through a push of a button or a pull back of a string. It integrates technology similar to that of Apple’s “Siri” that is connected via the internet. Researches have put in decades of work in hopes that this will become a toy that every child would want to play with. They have studied children’s responses and how they interact with it.

At a young age, children’s minds are developing at an incredible rate that should be nurtured by what they interact with. This new Barbie can hold a conversation with a child while educating them.

Because it’s such a significant period in a child’s life, parents want to do everything in their power to help them grow physically and mentally.

This new interactive barbie can teach and explain to the children like never before. If they have a question or concern, they can just ask Barbie right away. This product can give a child endless amounts of knowledge and can become a thesaurus for the child as well. This new barbie can take the role of a friend, toy or even a teacher.

This technology is not new, but integrating it with a toy could be the most incredible step that will change recreational time for children forever. This technology can be infused not just for Barbie but also for little girls. It can also be integrated with toys that many boys play with. How amazing would it be for a little boy to ask his T-Rex why it became extinct?

There are other discussions on how children interact with the new toys. Some believe it could take away a child’s creativity. But honestly, this technology is very innovative and is fairly knew. Consumers won’t be able to decide if it’s ultimately beneficial or detrimental.

Let’s find out within a couple of years.

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