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Brand: A Second Coming

A second coming
Russel Brand holds up a picture of Jesus Christ Photo credit: IMDB

When someone says the name “Russel Brand,” some of us might stop and listen for one of a few reasons. He’s funny, smart, provocative or maybe even the fact that he was married to Katy Perry. Don’t remind him of that though, he’s not too keen on it.

This new documentary film, “Brand: A Second Coming,” sheds light on Brand’s journey as a run-of-the-mill kid from his hometown of Grays in the United Kingdom, to his current life as an anti-establishment comedian/activist.

Poster for Brand: A Second Coming Photo credit: IMDB

From his drug addled teens and early 20s, to his first movie debut, married life with Perry, and finally his latest crusade of activism, socialism and a better world; this film covers pretty much all of it.

While Brand did not attend to give his keynote at the premier during London’s South by Southwest, many people speculated that it was due to him not being happy with the outcome of the film. This was later confirmed by the US promoting company and a telephone interview with the film’s director, Ondi Timoner.

As the film was better received by people who both love and hate Brand, he began to get comfortable with the film and get on board with it.

The film was originally titled, “Happiness” and had gone through many different directors. At one point, Oliver Stone was on board according to Timoner, the project’s final director and friend of Brand.

Russel Brand and Ondi Timoner Photo credit: IMDB

Although Timoner and Brand had previously worked together on other projects, she had her own vision for the documentary.

“I told Russel that the only way I would take on the project was if it was more about him, that’s the only way it could work.” Timoner said.

According to Timoner, she was then given creative control of the film by Brand where she was able to show the true journey of his life from pop star to meaningful public figure.

Ondi Timoner films Russel Brand Photo credit: IMDB

Although they filmed on and off for three years, Timoner is pleased with the outcome.

“The sessions were very intense and Russel can be very disruptive, I had to remind him daily that I was an invited guest.” Timoner said.

The documentary film is currently playing in select cities and is also available on iTunes.

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