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FC Science Club puts ‘fun’ in fundraising

It can be difficult for some students to find funding for their journey through college, but help is definitely out there.

Getting involved with clubs on campus is a good way for students to become more aware of the campus culture and what a college experience can potentially bring. Whether it’s a particular field of study, watching films, listening to music or celebrating one’s nationality, there are clubs to fulfill many different interests.

Fullerton College’s Science Club consists of a group of students that strive to help their members and the community in any way they can.

The purpose of the science club is to cultivate a community of likeminded students, especially for those who really love science. They provide resources for those interested in science such as guests speakers, a discussion panel of students in the industry or simply the opportunity to make friends that relate to science topics.

They welcome all majors, but it’s mainly made up of STEM students and those interested in science, biology, chemistry, pre-med and computer engineering. They work closely with the Engage in STEM program and try to take their members on field trips. Currently, it doesn’t cost anything to be a member nor do they have specific requirements to join, but they do ask for volunteer help.

Jordan Cruz is the president of FC Science Club and has been a board member for a few years now. Helping members, who might not otherwise be able to pay for certain college expenses themselves, is really important to her.

“It could be the cost of a textbook or a week of food,” Cruz said. “Scholarships are a way to reward students who are very, very involved in science club, especially the ones who have put their heart and souls into the club, because we wouldn’t exist without them.”

Considering that the study of science is a high-unit major at colleges, textbooks can range from $150 and up. Science constantly changes so there are progressing variations of textbooks that become absolutely necessary to purchase, and the club aims to provide help for their members.

The Fullerton College Science Club sells hand made cards during plant sales to help fundraise for member scholarships. Photo credit: Courtesy of Jordan Cruz

To raise this money, every year the FC Science Club holds different fundraisers like selling handmade cards at horticulture plant sales and milk tea boba on campus. These handmade cards are wrapped in string using a technique called “spirelli.” This special technique consists of wrapping string around scalloped shapes to create accents. It started from a woman who used it to teach geometry many years ago.

The advisor of the club, Jo Wu, says they collect about $200-$300 per semester through their fundraising.

“I wanted students who are very active in extracurricular activities and contributing to success of other science students, who may not have the highest GPA, to have a chance to be recognized,” Wu said.

In addition to the fundraising opportunities the club holds, the FC Foundation office gives them $100 a year on average, and the Schlinger Foundation also contributes.

For those students involved in the science field or are thinking about choosing that as their major, the FC Science Club is dedicated to providing a community that supports their journey through college.

The science club is not only committed to helping their members and the community, but they also strive to create an emotional support system for those struggling through the hardships that a college experience can bring.

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