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The alternative coffeehouse

The Gypsy Den, located in Anaheim, is not your average coffeehouse. It’s a mix between a cafe and a restaurant, with an emphasis on desserts. The comfortable vibe makes for a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

“It’s very homey here. It’s small and almost unnoticeable so you don’t get too large of a crowd, to not be able to carry a conversation,” said August Smith, a frequent customer. “It makes you feel like you’re at home, having a home cooked meal.”

Upon entering, customers are greeted with welcoming smiles from both fellow customers and employees.

“It’s super chill. I’ve never dealt with so many different kinds of characters in my life,” said Lucy Chiem, a server at the Gypsy Den. “You think we’d get a lot of extravagant kinds of people here in the extreme term, but there are so many different characters. They are very passionate. They range from homeless to musicians to students. We get a lot of regulars who tend to be most of our customers.”

The interior of the Gypsy Den.

The décor of the Gypsy Den is distinctive. Wooden tables fill up the coffeehouse. They were made to give customers a resemblance of one’s own dinner table. There are books on shelves and random paintings on the walls to give it a bold and vibrant tone.

The food is outstanding. Try the nachos. They are unbelievable,” Smith said. “Try the caprese wrap, it’s really good. It’s my favorite.”

The Gypsy Den prides itself on their food. The small and simple menu offers healthy choices for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. The menu is constantly changing in order to keep up with the seasons, allowing for a diverse possibility of choices.

The Gypsy Nachos are a must-try.

“I feel like I’m having dinner at an artistic person’s home,” said customer Marie Traver.

The Gypsy Den could not be complete without it’s various coffee drinks. The iced chai latte is a favorite among the customers. The coffeehouse also offers alcoholic beverages, for those who are old enough, to enjoy with their meal. Popular drinks include The Summer Breeze, which is strawberry-lemonade with rum and a hint of champagne, and The Stanley’s Cup, is a mix of lemonade and iced tea with vodka.

Bar where customers can purchase their drinks.

Every Wednesday, the Gypsy Den hosts an open mic night where customers are encouraged to bring their talent to the microphone.

People usually do three songs or [they] can tell a story or do a poetry reading. But they usually do music,” explained Chiem.

This coffeehouse has exquisite food, affable customers, courteous servers, and a tranquil environment that brings it all together.

The Gypsy Den is located in the Anaheim Arts District at 211 W. Center St. Promenade. They are open seven days a week at 8 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday. Every other day of the week they are open until 11 p.m.

Customers enjoy their meals in the adjacent patio.

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