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Movie Review: Deadpool hits theaters Valentines Day Weekend

On Feb. 12, the comic book film “Deadpool,” directed by Tim Miller (Scott Pilgrim) and produced by Fox sliced its way into theaters.

The “Deadpool” film was looking to capitalize on the success of recent humorous Marvel movies. Like “Ant-Man” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the film takes on a more humorous approach to comic book movies.deadpool

However, this film differs from the aforementioned films due to the fact that it’s rated R. The film is not acceptable for all ages like other comic book movies. “Deadpool” includes gore, nudity and very graphic language.

The film starts immediately dives right into the humor everyone wanted from a “Deadpool” movie. The opening credits list a moody teen and a British bad guy among other titles instead on naming the actors.

Deadpool himself describes the movie as a love story and he is not wrong with that statement. He finds the women of his dreams,Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin and eventually proposes to her. He is then diagnosed with terminal cancer which leads to a mysterious individual approaching him and offering to cure his cancer if he joins them.

He accepts the mysterious individual’s offer and was subjected to experiments which cured his cancer but also caused his skin to become deformed.

The film also features Two of the X-Men, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, played by Stefan Kapicic and Brianna Hildebrand respectively.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool was a perfect fit for the character. Reynolds has the character down and was able to pull off all the jokes but also give him some humanity. Deadpool was very human and relatable at the same time he was over-the-top and ridiculous.

This character is known as an anti-superhero and Reynolds did an excellent job of capturing that characteristic. Deadpool does what he wants and does not care what side of the law he falls.

T.J. Miller plays Deadpool’s sidekick of sorts, Weasel. Miller plays the funny character full of jokes which bordered on too much but never crossed it. Reynolds and Miller played off each other well.

“Deadpool” was not all laughs, it also had action and well choreographed fight scenes. There audience reacted well to the back and forth fight scenes between Deadpool and his opponents.

Like many other comic book movies, this film has a post credit scene which explains who will be in the sequel.

“Deadpool” is a must see for comic book movie fans because it a funny movie which includes a strangely grounded story about a man who can heal from anything. Another reason to see the film is to see what other types of comic books are out there and dispel the notion comics are just for kids. This movie is definitely not for kids.

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