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Fullerton High School holds first weight lifting camp for youth

The Fullerton High School football team held a weight lifting camp for local sixth and eighth graders on Feb. 18.

Weightlifting classes setup by booster club to teach kids how to properly lift Thursday, Feb. 18 Photo credit: Christian Mesaros

Varsity coach Gus Martinez came up with the idea after a football scrimmage that was held last year and discussed the possibilities among coaches.

This is the first ever camp to be held at this high school which was organized by freshman and varsity coaches. All surrounding middle schools in Fullerton were sent a flier with information of the camp and it was also posted on the high school’s webpage and social media.

The camp started at 5:30 p.m., where 12 kids showed up to participate. A majority of the kids participating were from Ladera Vista Junior High School.

The kids started with couple of warm-up stretches to get the body moving. Then they jumped to the platforms to start deadlifting. Multiple coaches were there to give advice on how to properly lift.

“When I was younger I grew up lifting weights improperly which led to an injury,” said Scott Lusk, freshman football coach. “That’s why we’re here to show the youth on how to properly lift weights so they don’t hurt themselves. I want to instill knowledge to the kids while they are young so when they get older it’ll become natural to them.”

Eighth grader Jeremiah Smith, stood out from all the other kids. “I’m here to get ready to play football and be a receiver at Fullerton High School and follow my brother’s footsteps. Football runs in our family, everyone’s played the sport. That is why I’m here participating at this camp,” Smith said.

The camp in the beginning only seemed to be about weight lifting but in the end it showed a beneficial factor to the kids. The training allows the kids to overcome adversity; not only growing stronger physically but mentally as well.

“These young guys took their time to show up and get better. That shows that they want to excel in the sport of football,” said Anthony Martinez, varsity football coach. “It’s a really good thing to be able to lift and be able to lift properly. We’re preventing future injuries and preparing these kids to play at the next level. Everyone here is getting a head start compared to other kids that are wanting to play football at Fullerton High School next year,” said Martinez.

The youngest of the kids a fourth grader getting some knowledge passed down to him on Thursday, Feb. 18 Photo credit: Christian Mesaros

The weightlifting camp will last until Thursday, Feb. 26. Afterwards the coaching staff will hold a speed training camp in March every Tuesdays and Thursdays. All kids in middle schools within the surrounding cities are invited to participate.

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