Fast Approaching Festivities at the Fullerton College Theatre Department

Kevin Christensen

Through March 1 the Fullerton College Theatre Department is taking volunteers for the annual Fullerton College High School Theatre Festival, which will begin its set up on March 14, and will go on till March 20 with various events going on.

Parade poster
Parade poster Photo credit: Fullerton College Theatre Department

If you are in need for volunteer hours, this is a wonderful opportunity that will leave you with memories, friendships and experiences for years to come.

“First year I was a timer,” recalled FC Theatre Ambassador Austin Baran. “I recommend it because you get to watch students perform and you get to orchestrate what the festival is all about… this year I’m one of the executive board members– one of three, and we are taking on the festival in it’s entirety.

According to Baran, the HSTF Board has been planning this event since August.

Volunteer sheets are available until March 1 in the fullerton theater office, and inquiries can be made online at [email protected], to either Hannah Harper or Hailey Detterich.

This semester Fullerton College is proud to present their spring musical “Parade,” a story by Alfred Uhry, with music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown. The musical is directed and choreographed by Tim Espinosa.

It’s inspired by true-life events that took place in 1913 around the murder of Mary Phagan right outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

“The themes that are explored in the show are social injustice, religious persecution and most importantly the inequality among races,” explains Espinosa. “So we explore a lot of controversial themes in the show. But it is a very beautiful and touching story.”

“Parade” will be performed in the campus theater starting March 10 and will run until March 12. Tickets are $12.50 pre-sale and $15.00 at the door.

“Doggs Hamlet” and “Cahoots Macbeth” written by Tom Stoppard and directed by Jessica Runde is a performance that shouldn’t be missed.

The play is two separate parts, the first part being “Doggs Hamlet” and the second part being “Cahoots Macbeth.” The two are linked together with the character Easy.

“The first part, ‘Doggs Hamlet,’ is about school children that speak in a language called ‘dogg’ that is a variation of English,” said Harper. “The second part, ‘Cahoots Macbeth,’ takes place in real life and is based off of real events that happened in Czechoslovakia.”

The show starts on May 12 and ends on May 15. Tickets are $12.50 pre-sale and $15.00 at the door.