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FC to add Men’s Volleyball to mix

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In Fall 2015, new Athletic Director Scott Giles and Dean of Physical Education David Grossman went to talk to Vice President of Instruction Jose Ramon Nunez to petition men’s volleyball.

During the meeting for petition an overview of why this particular sport would be beneficial was discussed.

Giles and Grossman’s presentation was well received and soon after the petition to add men’s volleyball was granted.

Giles stated that men’s volleyball has always been a highly sought aftersport from the general public and student body.

“People would come into our division office and say we really want to have a men’s volleyball program,” Giles said.

According to Giles, the high amount of interest being shown for a men’s volleyball team was a major factor in why he pushed hard to bring the sport to FC.

Giles also believes it is the next step for a successful women’s team.

“When you look over the last teams that won the state championships on the women’s side, they all have a men’s team,” Giles said.

The high interest level coupled with the potential to boost the women’s team made the decision easy.

Giles is confident in Fullerton men’s volleyball doing well because they will have good coaching as well as recruitment.

Fullerton chose to stay within the Hornet family when selecting the men’s coach. Eddie Rapp has been the women’s volleyball head coach for the last 15 seasons, and will also be taking on the role of head coach of men’s volleyball.

Practice will begin in Fall 2016 with the inaugural season set to begin Spring 2017. If you or anyone is interested in joining men’s volleyball visit the Fullerton College Athletics website and contact new head coach Rapp.

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