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Orange County hate rally ends in blood shed

Three people were stabbed during a protest of the Ku Klux Klan rally at Pearson

KKK at Pearson Park
Protesters stand ready for combat with clan members at Pearson Park in Anaheim on Saturday afternoon. Photo credit: Cory Irwin

Park in Anaheim, Saturday.

Due to media coverage, a large group of approximately 100 protesters awaited arriving KKK members with signs in hand against hatred and racism. Tension escalated quickly when they finally pulled up.

Within minutes of arrival the back of the van opened and KKK members began to exit. A brawl between Klan members and anti-racism protesters quickly ensued around noon.

“KKK parked down the street, assembled for three seconds, and then the crowd rushed them,” witness Joe Castaneda said. “Klan members responded to the charging crowd with knives.”

Castaneda described where the members who allegedly stabbed the protestors. He said, “[the] rest of the guys sped off in the back of an all black SUV.”

KKK at Pearson Park
Scene of where the man was stabbed after charging KKK member, at Pearson Park in Anaheim Photo credit: Cory Irwin

After a brief altercation that left three men stabbed and one severely injured, the KKK members fled the scene and were later stopped by police in the surrounding neighborhood.

KKK members and several witnesses were detained for questioning, while police took control of the scene.

Angry protesters shouted in rage and fought back as police handcuffed citizens who were not part of the KKK. Meanwhile, KKK members sat undisturbed curbside. Discussions erupted as people debated the First Amendment and the violence they witnessed.

Neighborhood residents emerged from their homes in response of the police activity. Although approximately 150 to 200 stood in the streets, there was not one Ku Klux Klan supporter to be seen.

KKK at Pearson Park
Crowd assembles, yelling profanity against police, and KKK – at Pearson Park in Anaheim Photo credit: Cory Irwin

Anaheim Police did not give an official statement on the incident, as the scene is still under investigation.


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