CommUNITY Day attempts to make campus cohesive experience

Brian Carrillo

Friends from Queer People of Color- a club for members of minority groups here on campus.
QPOC offers all students a place to feel accepted because belonging has no requirements at Fullerton College on Wednesday, Feb. 17 Photo credit: Brian Carrillo

CommUNITY Day at Fullerton College was the first event organized for African American History Month by Associated Students leaders and the Cadena Cultural Center this semester, with the intentions of introducing students to the programs, clubs and resources offered by FC.

Student clubs, academic support groups and different FC divisions set up tables, handed out flyers and spoke with students about the different resources available to them on and off campus.

Students and faculty agree that FC needs similar events such as CommUNITY Day to welcome students and show the programs available to succeed in college.

Clubs like the Nutrition club, Fullerton’s Dream Team, Queer People of Color, The French club, the German club, UMOJA, and the YWCA , all agreed that these fairs are very important for students to feel that they can look to FC for a sense of community.

Tamieka Hunter UMOJA.jpg
FC UMOJA Director, Tamieka Hunter with Long Beach State staff Brittany [unknown
UMOJA Director Tamieka Hunter said that most of the time the faculty are in their offices away from the students and days like this are perfect for students to learn about the programs available to them because they can speak with the program organizers in person.

“We are a community college and sometimes people forget about that,” said Guadalupe Cisneros, a member of Fullerton’s Dream Team. “Students need to realize there is a community out there for them, in terms of resources too, like you may need a group that you’re a part of because your friends from high school went to different colleges. So it’s good to have that support.”

QPOC’s slogan is, “because belonging has no requirements,” and it offers students of minority groups a place to express themselves freely without the feeling of being judged or discriminated against.

Andrea from the Young Women Christian Association believes FC should hold more events similar to this because, “it makes you feel like you’re a part of something. It’s not just classes, you can come out here and get inspired about a topic that you might have known nothing about.”

CommUNITY Day was meant to introduce students to the community that Fullerton College offers its students and it accomplished just that.

For more information about how to get involved, join or start a new group on campus, visit the Cadena Cultural Center page or checkout the A.S. Clubs and Organizations information sheet.