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Angels Night ticket sales hit a home run at Fullerton College

Student Affairs at Fullerton College made over $8,000 in sales for the upcoming Angels Night held for Fullerton College.

Although tickets are being sold incredibly quickly, there is still time to grab them as the goal is to sell 3,000 tickets before the event.

On April 9, the Angels of Anaheim will collaborate with Fullerton College to provide a special game night where all faculty and students will sit in right field that evening.

Dr. Greg Schulz, interim president of Fullerton College, will throw out the first pitch of the game.

In addition, all students and faculty will receive a specially designed Fullerton College Angels baseball cap.

Angels and Buzzy
The Angels and Buzzy inflatables stand tall and capture attention on the quad during Club Rush by the Student Affairs booth Photo credit: Mara Nogales

All proceeds for this event will go towards the Chris Lamm & Toni DuBois-Walker Memorial Food Bank. The food bank provides nutritious food and resources for students and families in need.

Fullerton College Graph
Graph showing the amount of tickets purchased by different school departments at Fullerton College. These tickets were bought within the first four days. Photo credit: Mara Nogales

Faculty at Fullerton College have shown their support, purchasing tickets in bulk. Different departments from math, humanities, admissions and records and the Veterans Resource Center have bought tickets to represent the college at the game.

The athletics department has made a mark by purchasing 150 tickets within the last 4 days.

club rush
Sociology Club all dressed up in Angels gear at the Quad this afternoon Photo credit: Neddie Facio

During Club Rush on March 3, Student Affairs attracted attention as the organization members and several students wore Angels t-shirts.

They posted their booth in the quad as the Angels and Fullerton College Mascot inflatables stood tall and proud behind them.

Director of Student Affairs Naomi Abesami was all smiles as she spoke about the game night.

Her enthusiasm for the event was evident as she explained that this game was more than just a night of baseball and snacks at the Angels Stadium.

“We’ve been planning this event since January. I’m so pleasantly surprised and excited, and we have so much support from the athletics team!” Abesami said.

From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., tickets were sold on the quad. Each ticket purchaser to received a raffle ticket for an opportunity to win a gift basket.

The prize included shirts, sweatshirts, a customized football, and baseball caps that were all donated by the Angels organization.

Angels Game Night Goodies
The Angels organization donated two gift baskets for the raffle that included shirts and personalized caps and a mini-football this afternoon at Fullerton College Photo credit: Mara Nogales

Faculty was not the only one buying tickets in bulk.

A loyal Angels fan and second-year student, Richie Juarez, stood at the booth and purchased 12 tickets with delight. In exchange, he received his raffle tickets for the drawing.

He had a contagious grin as he held the game tickets and explained that the night would be shared with his family and friends, and that he loved attending Angels games.

“I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I love the Angels,” Juarez said. “I’ve lived in Anaheim all my life, and I thought it was cool that they have the hats with Fullerton’s Buzzy on it – that’s awesome.”

Richie and Buzzy
Juarez stands proudly next to Fullerton College mascot, Buzzy, after having his name pulled out of the raffle and announced during Club Rush. Photo credit: Mara Nogales

Juarez then threw in his raffle tickets 10 minutes before the drawing and shortly after, his name was pulled out and announced out as one of the two winners of the gift baskets.

As Club Rush ended, Student Affairs had sold approximately $1,000 worth of tickets in three hours.

Students continued to approach the booth as they closed up and asked where and when they could buy their tickets.

Abesami encouraged potential buyers to pick up their tickets at the Student Activities office soon.

“Our first day, we sold 300 tickets at our office,” Abesami said.

Tickets sell for $25 at the Student Activities Office located in Room 223. Online purchases can be made here.

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