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Season of Color

The fourth annual Holi Festival of Colors was held at Excelsior High School Grounds in Los Angeles on March 12. The festival was an adaptation to the traditional festival that was modernized to be enjoyed and celebrated by many.

LA Holi Festival
Holy Festival is an event celebrated by Hindus and non-Hindus at Excelsior High School Grounds in Norwalk on Saturday, March 12 Photo credit: Tajmia Owens

The celebration showcased an array of performances including variation of genres in music with live bands, dancing and yoga.

In addition to performances there was delicious vegetarian cuisine as well as dry colored powder to be purchased.

Though the origins of the festival trace back to India, the Holi festival is enjoyed by Hindus and non-Hindus around the world.

“Even though it’s an Indian seasonal festival we wanted to expand it, not just to be something ethnic or religious or regional, we wanted to spin it so it directs itself directly to the soul; the light force within each and every one of us,” director Caru Das Adhikary said.

The festival carries many purposes. One prominent purpose it holds is that it recognizes the beginning of spring while also saying goodbye to winter.

It also signifies Spring’s abundant colors, while making sure to encompass sharing love.

Fourth annual Holi Festival of Colors
The annual Holi Festival of Colors in Los Angeles featured live music, dance and yoga at Excelsior High School Grounds in Norwalk on Saturday, Mar. 12 Photo credit: Tajmia Owens

People gather to sing, dance and celebrate the victory of good over bad.

One way that people showed love at the festival was by giving each other hugs. The throwing of powdered colors was another way attendees showed love towards one another.

Das Adhikary described Holi Festival of Colors as pure joy. He discussed how the festival evokes positivity with the nature of the music, mantras, vegetarian food and yoga.

“It destroys all those things that hold us back- negativity, defeatism, [and] low self-esteem,” Adhikary added.

All of the performances were filled with energy and the messages evoked positivity and spirituality. Many of the performers invited the audience on stage to dance and were interactive with the crowd.

Many of the performers on stage asked the crowd to throw colors throughout the event.

Srikalogy one of the first to perform had plenty of energy and also included the crowd.

Srikalogy explained his belief that music is transformational and carries a lot of energy. The message he wanted people to take away was that music is joyful and healing.

Luminaries, a conscious hip hop band from Venice Beach also performed. One of their songs titled “Be the Change” was inspired by Gandhi.

Holi Festival in Los Angeles
At the annual Holi Festival of Colors, powdered colors signify the welcoming of spring at Excelsior High School Grounds in Norwalk on Saturday, Mar. 12 Photo credit: Tajmia Owens

Another mantra that they used was, “Peace world-wide starts from inside.” They shared many uplifting messages throughout their performances.

Free, a member from the Luminaries says they wanted to share real music and remind people that there is still real music out there.

Positive energy was shown in addition to unity. It was a celebration of having fun, while spreading love. The festival is a reminder to spread good vibes.

The Holi Festival of Los Angeles was a colorful experience filled with love that was felt from the many performances and the attendees.

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