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Art talk with Lesley Dill

Fullerton College’s artist in residence Lesley Dill showed clips of her opera “Divide Light” during one of her scheduled talks at the Wilshire auditorium Monday.

The Struggles
Lesley describes the problems she comes in contact with along her journey of creating her pieces Tuesday afternoon Photo credit: Christian Mesaros


Jamie Perez an art history professor at Fullerton College welcomes Dill to the stage, “Dill’s work may be the most transcendent artist we have ever had here,” said Perez during his introduction.

Excerpts of Divide light were shown to the audience of about 200 students, art patrons, and teachers.

The opera was centered around the words of the poet Emily Dickinson. Dickinson’s words are literally painted onto the dresses of the opera singers and members of the orchestra and choir. Some of the lines that were sung include “her face was in a bed of hair like flowers in a pot,” and “take all away from me, but leave me ecstasy.”

The opera included dark lighting, slowly moving actors/ singers which helped to convey dickinson’s love of words and love of being alone.


In her speech after the clips, she described herself as a shy person who uses the words in her work to stand in for her where her physical self may sometimes fall short.

“I came to be inspired, I use a lot of the same material that she does so having her here was perfect,” said Darlene Duran a Fullerton College Alumni.

The Fullerton College art gallery will be hosting Dill as she leads art demonstrations starting this week Tuesd

Students gather in the fullerton college Gallery to listen to Lesley Dill speak about her art flow 15, March. 2016 Photo credit: Christian Mesaros

ay 15th- Thursday 17th, where she will let students create puppets with words painted on them.

“I hope students get intensity out of it [her art] and gritty beauty,” said Dill of her gallery of work here on campus.


At the demo on Tuesday, a group of about 40 people gathered around the artist while she talks almost inaudibly about her artistic process.

There are a handful of students working on embroidery hoops while they listen to the talk.

“I’m working on a palm tree, with the saying life’s a beach.” said Jasmine Thanlung a 3rd year art gallery intern.

The discussion lead students through the process of Dill’s art work from the conception of a piece to the installation and shipping.

The Doll
Dill speaks on the mediums she enjoys using, and the fabric choices she made for the pieces in the gallery this afternoon. Photo credit: Christian Mesaros


“The talk has helped me connect with her art work, just walking into the gallery I was initially confused about the artwork,” said Marlyn Ortega a 1st year student.

Dill’s artwork will be on display until April 4th, until then get lost in the words, they’re everywhere.


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