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Captain America: Civil War pits hero against hero

Captain America: Civil War
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The upcoming Captain America movie forces heroes to pick a side but why are they fighting and what does each side believe in?

During the course of the last few Marvel movies; New York, Washington D.C. and Sokovia have all taken collateral damage from Avengers’ battles.

It appears from the newest trailer the government has taken notice and they want the destruction to stop. In the comic an event involving heroes occurred which killed many people. The movie could have an event like that which forces the government to get involved and pass Superhuman Registration Act.

With this act, heroes are forced to register with the government. They would be trained and carry badges like police officers, this divides the heroes into factions.

Tony Stark (Iron Man) heads one side and thinks heroes should be held accountable for their actions. Stark believes it is important to have a list of powered people in case one goes rogue and needs to be tracked down. In his mind it is a lesser of two evils.

Steve Rogers (Captain America) heads the opposing faction and does not want people’s identity revealed. He believes this could lead to heroes being affected in their normal life. Someone could be harassed and their friends and family could be attacked.

A registered hero would also become a government agent of sorts. Said heroes would be accountable to a governmental chain of command and have no choice about which missions they were tasked with. Captain America believes for a hero to be effective he or she can’t answer to the government but do what is right no matter who they oppose including the government.

The two sides fight for what they believe in. Iron Man’s team and the government have to track down Captain America’s team of insurgents. Both sides are trying to recruit friends their side.

The comic and the movie will bring up issues of privacy relevant today. The debate about the San Bernardino mass shooter’s iPhone. How much should the government be able to look into people’s lives? Should they be able to see their secrets, read emails and listen to phone calls? Is the giving up of some privacy worth it if it can save lives?

“Captain America: Civil War” will open in theaters May 6.

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