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California to issue licenses to illegal immigrants

Gov. Jerry Brown has made plans to sign Assembly Bill 60 a bill into law today. This bill would allow illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license in the state of California.

This license will be for driving privileges only and will most likely be labeled with “DP” to indicate that it can not be used for any employment eligibility or public benefits. This Bill was revised at the last minute to get the California Senate and Assembly vote in favor of it.

There are always two sides to an issue, and the question on a lot of people’s mind is: should illegal immigrants be allowed to receive a driver’s license?

The answer is yes.

Nine other states and the District of Columbia have already jumped on board with similar laws. California should do the same.

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Southern California’s Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration, there are more than 2.6 million illegal immigrants in this country. Denying them licenses will only lead to more people driving without insurance and registered cars.

Illegal immigrants will have to go through the same steps as everyone else who wants to obtain a driver’s license. Exams are still required by the Department of Motor Vehicles as well as paying a fee. Auto insurance will still be a requirement. Illegal immigrants will have to register their cars to the DMV and go through the process of smog checks every other year.

Immigrants are already taking a risk and breaking the law by being in this country. It makes sense to give them driving privileges since many of them are already driving illegally. Having these privileges allows them to commute to and from work in a safe and legal manner.

This should put residents of California at ease. If an auto accident were to occur, information can now be exchanged and any damages done can be fixed accordingly.

It can be argued that many residents will make the assumption that immigrants would not purchase auto insurance and then the residents will be liable for fixing their own damages done to their vehicle. Yet, the risk is the same with anyone who commits a hit-and-run.

Driving is a privilege that many people take for granted. It would be a shame to be ignorant and not allow the same privileges to someone just because they came into this country illegally. The point is that people do not know the reason as to why these immigrants came to this country because some reasons are justified, while some are not. However, there are hardworking immigrants that follow the law, while some legal residents of California do not. People who drive under the influence is just one example.

It is safe to say that most illegal immigrants do not want to hide in the shadows. They would very much like to be a part of California without being harassed. Chances are that most immigrants just want to be able to go to work without any hassle. They have families to provide for and need to put food on the table just like everyone else.

Some will argue to deport all illegal immigrants instead of issuing a driver’s license. However, it is impossible to deport every one of them out of this country. At the end of the day, these immigrants are here to stay and its best to find a solution rather than fight against the tide.

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