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Basically Unladylike with Marissa G.

If I’m being completely honest, I might be the most basic girl you would know.

Photo credit: Kyle Richey

I love Beyonce. I love my Uggs. I love Starbucks (but no pumpkin spice lattes up in here!). I have a guilty pleasure for reality television and getting my (acrylic) nails done.

You will normally catch me with at least a semi-full face of makeup at school wearing my brown leather, three-inch Jeffrey Campbell’s.

I fill out the entire application for the most basic girl in the world but what is a basic bitch exactly?

Many people associate the word basic with individuals who are simple minded and have certain interests because everybody likes them.

A basic person doesn’t know how to make up their minds for themselves.

Once people began calling me basic, I began to feel as if I was just someone who was completely predictable. I have never had the inability to voice my opinions or just be myself.

I, personally, see being called basic as a negative thing especially, much more recently.

The whole idea of basic began as a lighthearted joke whenever someone would call me basic or even when I would call them basic.

Once people began calling me basic, I began to feel as if I was just someone who was completely predictable. I honestly think I’m the complete opposite of basic.

I have never had the inability to voice my opinions or just be myself.

I have always carried my own opinions and coming from a very traditional Mexican family, it’s surprising that that has been my outcome.

Most women coming from a very traditional Mexican American family, like myself, can probably relate when I say they were very restricted when it came to socializing and even making your own life’s decisions.

There were a number of rules to abide by in my household for as long as I could remember but there was only one that I can truly say shaped my way of thinking, dressing and even living.

Always, always keep the standards of a classy woman. Be ladylike in everything you do.

Now this was a rule I never understood completely and even appreciated until my final couple years in high school.

You always looked presentable no matter where you were going or what you were doing.

You never wore shorts that were too short or wore too much makeup. Any dresses you wore were never too revealing and fell at least right above the knee.

I never really felt the need to argue against it because I really enjoyed the style of a classy woman.

Many people might think this was a way of preventing a way of expressing myself but it was actually the complete opposite.

I took every single one of those sub rules and made them my own. Plus, I didn’t fully grow into my “womanly” body until I started high school so I never had the urge to show the goods (not that I do now. Classy lady standards till I die!).

Most Hispanic families try to mold you into this successful, very Catholic person and I am in no way saying it is a bad thing but, I found a way to discover my own way to success and even religious beliefs.

Unfortunately, I slowly did find that there was a downside to this ladylike lifestyle.

A lot of ladylike characteristics also describe a basic bitch.

Yes, I follow makeup and fashion trends because one, I have loved those two things before I was pushed out of my mother’s womb and two, it is literally my job.

My job requires me to be knowledgeable of new trends and wear them to work. I just happen to have a genuine interest so people’s perception of the interest is immediately magnified.

Though, I would have to say I’m most judged and criticized when I dress and look the way I do but act the complete opposite.

I have a real love for sports and a (not-so-secret) dream of being a general manager for a professional baseball team.

I collect comic books and different “Star Wars”, “Robotech” and “Transformers” memorabilia. I even buy limited edition video game packages just so I can get the cool remote control car with video surveillance.

I am a better-than-average illustrator and I absolutely love literature. I probably spend more money on buying new books than I do on makeup. (Books on books on books.)

But if I had a dollar for every time somebody said, “you don’t look like the type of person who would be into that”, I would be a millionaire.

People need to realize that women are held up to these ridiculous standards of maintaining a certain appearance while having the ability to be unique.

You need to have this ability to remain mysterious, yet approachable. You need to be approachable, yet not come off as if you’re welcoming just anybody.

You need to not come off as if you’re welcoming just anybody, yet you can’t be a bitch. The cycle is never ending.

When you say you have this hobby that seems a bit outlandish, you’re immediately questioned on knowledge of the subject or you’re labeled as a poser.

Women can love Beyonce because they find her empowering or because they can dance their asses off to her music.

Women can love to wear Uggs because they think they’re cute or because they find them practical by keeping their feet warm.

Women can love Starbucks because they love how pumpkin spice lattes taste or because they just need something to wake them up for the day.

Women can love Star Wars because she thinks Han Solo is handsome or because she loves the complexity of the story lines and characters.

Women can be whatever, whoever, they want to be and should be welcomed to be without having a label slapped across them.

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