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Concert Review: Viva Hinds!

People gathered at the Glass House Concert Hall in Pomona to witness Hinds and The Garden perform a one-of-a-kind show presented by Viva Pomona on Thursday night.

Ade Martin, Ana Perrote and Carlotta Cosials are setting up to perform at Glass House Concert Hall in Pomona on Thursday, March 31 Photo credit: Kristine Jaranilla

Hinds, the Spanish indie rock band from Madrid, started as a duo with Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote in 201. Close friend Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen joined them in 2014. Originally called Deers, they had to change the name after a similarly named band, The Dears, threaten to take legal action since it would create confusion.

The band played a mix of their new songs from their debut album, “Leave Me Alone,” which was released at the beginning of the year and older songs from when they were still starting out.

Wu-Wu playing her synths during her set. Photo credit: Kristine Jaranilla

Opening act Wu-Wu is a one-woman band fronted by Ashley Rose Calhoun. According to her Facebook page, she originally came from Texas and now resides in California. The “faerie genie” played a 20 minute set of various synths that produced noise that sounded out of this world.

Cotillon on stage playing Photo credit: Kristine Jaranilla

Cotillon, the brain child of Jordan Corso, came up next to perform their songs. Most of the time, the indie rock band did not directly face the audience. They positioned themselves sideways or stood with their back to the crowd. At the beginning of their set, Corso went up to a fan and added his phone number into their phone.

When Corso wasn’t using his guitar, he would sing into the microphone as if he had something better to do. His approach to performing may be due to the fact that his music was inspired by a failed relationship.

Finally, after Cotillon’s set, Hinds walked onto the stage as the song “You Sexy Thing” played in the background. Band members danced along to the song for a bit before starting their set with one of their older songs, “Warning with the Curling.” By the time they played their second song, people in the center of the crowd were already getting rowdy, pushing each other and moshing. At the end of their set, they played a crowd favorite “Castigadas en el Granero” and the crowd when wild with excitement.

The garden
The Garden performing to an exhilarated crowd Photo credit: Kristine Jaranilla

The Garden, the punk rock duo, consisting of twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears ended the night by performing their highly anticipated set. The crowd was exuberant as the duo played songs like “The Apple” and “Crystal Clear.” For a person that is unfamiliar with this group, their jokers from a deck of cards costumes catch me by surprise. They dressed up in the sense to liven up their live performances and to also convey a vibe that’s lively. The overall experience was one that will stick with me for a while.

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