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Fullerton Market celebrates it’s 25th anniversary

The community proved that nothing can stop the 25th anniversary of the Fullerton Market – as it gathered for the event despite the light rain, and cool weather on Thursday evening.

Fullerton Farmers Market
Being naïve to the weather can be fun, children play in the water at the Fullerton Farmers Market Photo credit: Cory Irwin

Excitement rang through the air, with the rain only adding to the lightheartedness of the event. Children played in the fountain, young enough to still luckily be naïve to the coolness of the weather, as adults stood by watching and laughing.

The Fullerton Market is truly a place of diversity – multiple languages can be heard, different breeds of animals ie. dogs, birds, and homo sapiens, can all be seen meandering around in a state of complacency. All sorts of different colors and sizes of fruits and vegetables out for display. It’s a place where one can smell a tangelo palm frond candle shortly after purchasing four succulents for $20, a real deal.

Fullerton Farmers Market
Strawberry’s from one of Orange County’s local farmer’s Photo credit: Cory Irwin

When asked about her experience as a seller at the farmers market, Lidia Bedoya-Jaime replied, “This one’s the best.” She continued to explain, “This market is a very relaxed setting, with all sorts of great sellers. It has become a nice community that surrounds us.”

Bedoya-Jaime owns her farm, and Fullerton’s market is one of only a handful she still sells at after 10 years of successful wholesale work.

Tino Fattah, agreed, shortly after describing how nice the woman is who owns the farm stand next to his and referring me to interview her.

He proceeded to explain why his farmers market is better than most, “the ratio has to be right – there can’t be too many artisan sellers, it needs to be an even amount of farmers and artisans.”

Fullerton Farmer's Market
Citrus sellers are wheelin’ and dealin’ with customers at the Fullerton Farmers Market Photo credit: Cory Irwin

Fattah’s colleague Bryzon Braynesford then continued to expand on why he personally has loved the experience of selling citrus for six years now, “It’s only chill people, a farmers market just isn’t somewhere you’ll find an a**hole.”

The Fullerton Market only continues to grow and flourish more as the season progresses, especially excelling after springtime, and is every Thursday evening until late October.

They hold a handful of fun special events, and all further information can be found on their website.

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