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4/20 makes us think about marijuana usage

When 4/20 is mentioned to certain individuals, it may raise some eyebrows of disapproval. As people get older, there opinion on marijuana could shift back and forth.

The topic of marijuana itself raises a variety of topics. One topic that could arise when talking about marijuana is should marijuana be legalized?

When governments struggle with decreased revenues and rising costs, they look for creative ways to boost income.

By legalizing weed this could be a revenue generator in the form of taxing the product. The tax money could go to public schools and public work projects to better the community.

Legal marijuana sales in Colorado generates millions of taxed dollars since the legalization, according to recreational and medical marijuana sales data from the state Department of Revenue.

Other states such as Washington has had a positive impact.

Washington has generated millions in tax revenue statewide from marijuana sales according to the Washington state liquor control board which oversees the state’s cannabis industry.

” I believe the legalization of marijuana could be beneficial to the economy and health care system of the United States,” said Rashneel Singh.

Not only can legalizing marijuana be beneficial to the economy, it has chances of being beneficial to ones health. By decriminalizing the plant, scientist can move forward with research and start using it for scientific purposes. Drugs that have very harmful effects are used in the operating room like cocaine which is used during some nasal/ sinus surgeries in the U.S.

Why hasn’t a safer drug like marijuana been used in the scientific process or for pharmaceutical purposes? Opponents can argue that these benefits are ludicrous and that people ignore the harms of marijuana.

However before the legalization of marijuana in states, marijuana was still used and recognized for its medical values.

People inside and outside the medical field can argue that marijuana is effective in treating a range of health conditions. But when a patient is diagnosed with cancer, and goes through chemotherapy, they could be prescribed medical marijuana.

This is the reason why certain states such as California, have implemented initiatives for the legalization of the drug for medicinal purposes.

“It depends on the person, if the person is feeling nauseas I believe smoking marijuana can help,” said Kirk Lobo.

Ultimately, it comes down to people to make a choice either marijuana is good or bad. Many people smoke marijuana because they believe and made an informed decision that this plant is good for them.

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    pruning marijuanaMar 30, 2018 at 12:39 am

    Cannabis Twenty-Four Seven was created to spread information about the wonderful cannabis plant.
    We aim to impart information about marijuana and all the other benefits of products derived from it like CBD
    oil. The site also shares as much information that it can that may be
    beneficial for cannabis growers and cannabis users alike.
    Marijuana has long been demonized but if you think about it, marijuana iss a
    plant that is a gift from Mother Nature. It was created so we humans can benefit from it.
    The cannabis plant is not only useful for its medicinal properties, but it also
    has other industrial uses. With that said, the industrial use of
    marijuana is good for the environment as it has a very low
    carbon footprint. Tooo bad, more research cannot be conducted about it because thiss plant has been deemed “illegal”by the powers that control this world.
    Marijuana should not be prohibited nor regulated by man-made statutes.

    The state that the world is in right now regarding cannabis iss
    one that is in contrast with natural law.
    Man labeling cannabis as illegal is like saying that man knows more about creation than Mother Nature.

    It is a shame, really.