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Worldfest 2016 – a global journey at Fullerton College

The 5th annual Worldfest is a celebration of world cultures, diversity and environmental issues of

Worldfest 2016
The 5th annual Worldfest event is promoted all around Fullerton College and will take place on the quad on April 26. Photo credit: Mara Nogales

Earth that will occur on the campus quad of Fullerton College.

This interactive event takes places at the Student Activity Center on Thursday, April 21 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Worldfest’s mission promotes the importance of multiculturalism, world environment issues and contrasting cultures within the globe.

Booths will be set up all over the quad showcasing different cultures and information on their society, values, religion and environmental involvement.

Vincent White, Cadena Culture Center’s coordinator, assembles the program for Worldfest. He is looking forward to this year’s celebration.

“The reason why we do this, of course, is that diversity is part of our mission statement and our core values.” White said. “This event allows students to relax, have fun and be passionate about something and show us that.”

Besides attendees, participants of this event have performances of dances within different cultures.

District students, staff and faculty are all invited to take a step into a day of educating diversity all across the world.

Fullerton College has a variety of departments that will be greatly involved such as the Associated Students, the Cadena Cultural Center and Sodexo food services.

White pointed out Sodexo does a “great job in setting up a food world menu that represents a global perspective.”

Worldfest banner
A colorful banner from last year’s Worldfest attracting students to various activities. Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

Marwin Luminarias from Fullerton College Associated Students explained their involvement in the event.

“As a student-run organization, we are responsible for outreach and publicity. Not only in an official capacity, but also among our peers in the classroom or on the quad.” Luminarias said. “We hope to encourage other students who may be new or returning to Fullerton College to enjoy the many opportunities created for them.”

Attendees are also encouraged to join the fun and games that raise awareness of the environment and the issues that Mother Nature faces everyday.

Sammai Jonh, a second year marketing student at Fullerton College, is enthusiastic about attending the event.

“It’s refreshing to see that our school has an event that allows a diverse group of people to come together and share about anything that cultural.” John said. “It just shows how diverse Fullerton College is and makes me proud to be a student here.”

In addition to the festivities this year, Worldfest has non-profit organizations that will take part in the event. Vendors will have their booths available on the quad, selling jewelry and cultural artifacts.

Every participant of this day will be representing something they are passionate about with the intent to keep the mission in mind, which is to breathe life into some form of cultural relevance and how it affects people throughout the globe.

Last year’s Worldfest featured tombs representing one gallon of water with pledges to conserve attached to them. Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

White predicts Worldfest will have a positive turnout with the amount of involvement and groups representing at the event.

“This is about connecting with each other on the quad – enjoy dancing as the DJ plays music, try the food and feel good about Fullerton College.” White said. “Fullerton does a really great job at connecting students to this campus whether they realize it or not.”

Due to the high attendance expectancy, there will be activities and booths set up and volunteers are highly encouraged to help on the quad the morning of the event. The set up will begin on Fullerton College’s quad as early as 7:00 a.m. and the event officially starts at 10:00 a.m.

Volunteers can sign up at the Cadena Cultural Center or contact Vincent White for more information at (714) 732-5528.

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