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The best ways to avoid signature takers

With the parking structure being so hectic and crowded, it is easy to be in a hurry by the time you find a parking spot.

As students speed walk to class to avoid being marked tardy, the last thing anyone wants is to run into someone they know, or even worse the signature takers begging for a minute of their time.

These people most often ask everyone to register to vote. It may seem easy to avoid them, however, the signature takers can be very persuasive in convincing anyone to just give a signature or two. Five minutes later students realize they are signing their name for the seventh time and there are still about three more pages left in the packet.

Many students have encountered the situation where they are approached by people daily for a “few” signatures. The designated area for signature takers is in front of the cafeteria. If they are insisting that you sign their papers while you are heading down the hallway to class or in front of a building stairway, they are not supposed to be in that area.

Every student has their own way of trying to slyly stride past them. Here are a few tips that could be successful.

When being approached, there is always the simple, “Sorry, I’m already running late to class.” However, be prepared for them not to give up. They will try to convince students that it will take almost none of your time.

Another effective response would be, “I already signed and registered yesterday.” Or students can always just keep walking and act as if they did not hear them.

For music lovers, it can be as easy as just popping in headphones and chances are they won’t even approach you.

Not just anyone is allowed to come on campus to ask for signatures, advertise a job or inform about a program. In order to be allowed on campus, they must register in the Public Information office.

If the office approves of their initiative, they can come on campus and further details will be set up.

Carolyn Whelchel is in charge of the master calendar therefore she is the point of contact and all approval must go through her.

If you are not interested in what they are asking for, do not feel obligated to stay and give them any of your time.

No one wants to risk being late to class by taking time out of their day in order to sign something that they don’t fully believe in or aren’t able to read thoroughly.

So next time you are speed walking to class and are approached be them, be polite, but don’t feel the need to give in.

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