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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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The college readiness beyond the SATs and ACTs

Students, faculty and staff came together in the 200 building to attend the

Roundtable discussion
President Schulz engages in a roundtable discussion on college preparedness at Fullerton College on Tuesday evening. Photo credit: Jason Burch

17th Strategic Conversation on Tuesday night.

It was hosted at Fullerton College and representatives from Cypress College and the School of Continuing Education were in attendance. In fact, this meeting broke an all-time record with 163 people in attendance from the usual 80 to 100 people.

According to Greg Schulz, anyone can join the conversation.

“There’s a comittee with representatives from Fullerton College, Cypress College and the School of Continuing Education and each area was asked to invite folks from their campus,” Schulz said.

Schulz and crew
President Greg Schulz stops for a quick chat in between tables at at the Strategic Round Table event at FC on Tuesday night. Photo credit: Jason Burch

He wanted to make sure the people that were recruited from Fullerton College “felt welcome” and informed them about the discussion was about College Readiness.

The groups were seated in 15 tables to discuss questions from articles such as “Some College Students More Prepared Than Placement Test Indicate,” and “Expectations on Readiness.”

They posed questions shedding light on how students and colleges can improve themselves to succeed.

Schulz explained how the conversation is “like a hockey game,” where in each period something different occurs. For example groups are organized on a particular article in the first period, then everyone will switch tables when the period ends.

The final period divides the groups into three and discuss what the school does similar with the read articles discussed in previous periods as well as what could be done to align the ideas.

This event is to better the way Fullerton College functions so that students will reach their maximum potential while attending this college.

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