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The takeover of electronics on generation Y

When it comes to technology, Millennials are its most avid users. Which begs the question: are Millennials too dependent on technology?

If names are given to the digital natives for their ability to use technology then yes, they are too dependent on it. However, the extent of this dependency varies on opinion.

Who are considered the Millennials? They are the “Generation Y” who were born between 1984-2000. They have been named the “Generation Me” and the “MTV Generation.”

The internet has become “the best thing ever” when it comes to doing research or any homework assignment. Phrases such as “Google it” or “check Wikipedia” are very common and has become quite a habit for this generation.

The usage of something that powerful is beneficial but it does have its downfalls as well. It is good since answers can be found anywhere at any time. Yet, it is bad because not all information found online is factual or reliant and may lead to less researching to find information. This can be seen as taking the “easy way out” when it comes to finding answers.

Research has shown that the level of dependency of technology amongst Millennials are very high and it has shown impatient attitudes more often than none.

Afua O. Afrin, Ph.D., and Associate Dean of the School of Nursing at Grambling University stated that technology has lead this generation to want “immediate gratitude”and “expect immediate answers and feedback.”

Fullerton College can be an example of that. When roaming through campus the ratio of students using technological devices (iPods, laptops etc.) outnumbers the ratio of students who are reading a book.

Now you can even read a book on any smart phone or kindle or laptop. Book stores are going out of businesses because of such devices. There are even apps such as Audible that read books to you so you don’t even have to read a physical book at all.

Then there are cell phones. They are so vital to this generation that they are almost treated as a human. It’s no mystery why these smart phones are so handy with their many capabilities which is their positive aspect. There is also the negative aspect for example, when people use them irresponsibly like being on social media during class and being attached to the very cord of their phones makes people wonder, who is in control?

Technology is also affecting the way the present generations are learning.

Alison Black from “Generation Y: Who They Are and How They Learn,” noticed that the way students move back and forth on the internet is the same way students approach their learning. She said instead of taking the time to read a book, students are simply looking up “specific information of interest,” which students at college level can relate to. Considering at times personal matters get in the way, work, too much homework and so on it makes just looking up the specific information much less complicated.

This dependency causes students to panic when their phone glitches or if it breaks. They rely on their computers for homework, work and social interaction. If for some reason their technology fails then they get scared and begin to panic.

As technology progresses so will society. It has to. Which still doesn’t justify the level of dependency that this generation has on technology.

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