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Dear Mom: Here’s what school taught us about you.

If someone asked me when I was fourteen what came to my head when I would describe my mom, I would respond with, “curfews, getting grounded, no cellphones, and no sleepovers.”

M. Nogales
A photo of Mara Nogales with her Mom at a wedding reception in 1993. Photo credit: Mara Nogales

At 24, my answer would be, “self-discipline, family values, kindness, and an overwhelming amount of love.” A lot has changed since the last decade, that’s for sure.

M. Nogales 2
At 24, Mara stands proudly next to her Mom, to capture a moment that is all smiles Photo credit: Mara Nogales

My mother, for a lack of better word, was my security blanket. Back then, I never viewed it in that perspective. I always thought of her as my discipline blanket. However, no matter how much I found myself in trouble, or rebelling against her rules, she always took me back in.

When I saw a broken young woman in the mirror, she saw something worth fixing, and her love for me was the glue that held me together.

In more ways than one, she was guiding me towards a successful future and I hadn’t even realized it.

I had given up on my education almost altogether and every year without hesitation, she would ask, “Are you going back this year?” And every year, I avoided the lecture and said I didn’t have time for it.

She’d sigh to herself as I brushed away her hopes for my future while I told myself I had all the time in the world. Little did I know her concern was really just love.

I met with three students at Fullerton College and asked them what their mom meant to them. All had different answers, but the foundation of support especially in their education was inevitable.

Alexandria Choi, a 4th-year child development major, proudly expressed, “My mom worked so hard to save up for my education. She believed in me and loved me that much, and I’m lucky to have her.” She adds, “I don’t want to fail her.”

A. Choi
A moment of pride as Alexandria holds her Kindergarten diploma with her Mom by her side

Patricia Buenaventura, a pre-nursing major, thought about what her Mom meant to her and her education.

With a smile, she said, “My Mom was a pillar of strength that pushed me to keep going even though at times things got hard and I wanted to quit.” Buenaventura’s focus and determination to finish school was an example of her Mother’s strength within her.

Charles Garcia, a 2nd-year Kinesiology and Nutrition major, responded to the question stating, “My Mom means the world to me. She taught me how to be a leader, and has always been my motivation to further my education. She always had faith in my academics.”

C. Garcia
Charlie Garcia, standing proudly next to his Mom, doesn’t hesitate for a mom to tell the world that she’s the sweetest person. Photo credit: Charles Garcia

Hearing other students speak with such pride about their Mothers is a reminder that these women are usually the last person on our minds when we go through classes, or study for finals.

My return to school at Fullerton College, was backed with my Mom’s support 100% of the way.

With her pride surrounding me, for the first time in a long time, I was ready to earn my education and graduate to establish a secure future and career.

At the end of the day, looking back from our first steps to looking forward at our final walk during graduation, most of us can say our Moms are true superheroes without the cape.

This Mother’s Day, flowers and cards will be the norm. While we may be proud of getting Mom the perfect gift, don’t forget; she’s just proud to be your Mom.

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