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Student Art Exhibition 2016 finally opens

People crowded around the Fullerton College Art Gallery, as they

student art exhibit
The entrance of the Art Gallery Photo credit: Neddie Facio

waited for the 2016 Student Art Exhibition to open its doors Tuesday evening.

This year only half, roughly 140 pieces, were chosen from drawings, digital photos, paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

Works selected to be showcased are decided by FC faculty, also known as the “Jury”.

The Jury decides whose works stood out the most, and honors the artists with “art awards”, which were presented at the Opening Reception Ceremony, 45 minutes after the unveiling of the glorious art.

Everywhere you looked, all the pieces were unique, fun, oozing with creativity, and did not fail to capture the imagination – it’s an art lover’s dream come true.

Jim Dowdalls, department coordinator, presented the awards. The “Best of Show” award, which is the most prestigious, went to Carl Brines, for his sculpture “The Pious Chataline,” which is on sale for $750.

Best of Show2
Carl Brines wins the Best of Show Award for his piece. “The Pious Chataline.” Photo credit: Diana Garcia

The “President’s Award” presented by President Schulz, went to Reanna Da Rold for her “Uganda Veiling” painting. Unfortunately, she was stuck in her French class during the presentation, but President Schulz still made the appearance.

Gallery goers were asked which pieces were their favorite, a popular piece, called the “Parallel Paradoxes” displayed the late and legendary rapper Tupac Shakur’s face across from an image of the American half-dollar coin, with president John F. Kennedy’s face. Both men faced each other.

Another favorite, and somewhat controversial piece, “Mark of a Woman” had people reacting in awe at the bright coloring of the unshaved region of the most private female body part.

Mark of A Woman2
Artist, Emilie Bachrach’s Mark of a Woman is displayed. She won the Excellence in Color Award. Photo credit: Diana Garcia

Before the art ceremony, artists were low-key, hanging out, listening to everyone judge their work. After the ceremony, artists were recognized, and it was a pleasure to see so many of them proudly sharing their work, and speaking to reporters and attendees about their inspiration.

All students taking art classes are eligible to submit artwork and sell their work at their own prices, which ranged this year from $30 – $15,475.

Students keep 70% of the selling price, and the rest goes to scholarships, and to the gallery program.

This on campus gallery takes weeks to prepare and is run by students that are involved in the arts department.

“This is the final for my gallery students, they choose the colors, the lighting, make the labels, they hang all the work and choose the layout, basically, they run the show,” said gallery director Carol Henke.

Just minutes before the grand opening, the 1000 building was packed with people waiting to get in. For their patience, food was provided free of charge right outside the doors.

Appetizers were donated by a local Whole Foods market. They provided a fruit platter, cheeses, vegetable samosas, and vegetable sushi.

Also at the scene – Starbucks coffee, cookies, and water.

Towards the end of the night, it was estimated that over 500 people came to the opening.

“This is one of our most successful shows,” said Dowdalls.

Student Art Exhibition 2016
Fullerton College presents the Student Art Exhibition, admission s free. Photo credit: Fullerton College

The Fullerton College Art Gallery is free to the public and will be on display May 4 through May 18. Works are still available for purchase.

For more information about the art department you can visit their website.






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