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The Hornet

Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

The Hornet

A melodious night at the FC theater

Fullerton College Symphonic Winds took the stage in elegant black dresses and

The condutor
Dr. Anthony Mazzaferro conducting the Fullerton College Symphonic Winds Photo credit: Neddie Facio

tuxedos for the performed of their Spring Concert on May

Each instrument player took to the stage carefully watching as the conductor Anthony Mazzaferro led them throughout each piece.

“The overall role of the conductor is to have two rules, we educate the players on the music and then we try and inspire them to play to the best of their abilities,” Mazzaferro said.

The performers all looked very focused and passionate about putting forth a spectacular performance for the audience.

This performance offered a melodious mood and there was no denying the audience was captivated. The beautiful range of sounds all seemed to simultaneously flow as one, offering a story from beginning to end with each piece.

Mt. Fuji
Dr. Anthony Mazzaferro conducting the Fullerton College Symphonic Winds on a piece called Fuji-san – “mt. Fuji” Photo credit: Neddie Facio

The music would build in intensity filled with fast paced sounds, suspension, leading to a euphoric adrenaline rush. Then it would move towards striking an emotional cord by producing soft and calming sounds. A distinction of moods were evoked with each piece performed.

Several pieces were performed, which all offered various origin influences as well as sounds.

“Melodious Thunk” which offered a jazz flare was performed, offering a different sound from prior events that they’ve ever played. Mazzaferro said it offers Jazz sounds for a concert band.

“I really like to play all the low notes, and I got to play the funky groove low note part,” says bass clarinet player Mariah Alio, a Health Science Major, about “Melodious Thunk.”

Alongside the great leadership of Mazzaferro, this particular performance also offered two additional guest conductors, Fernando Penaloza and student Emmanuel Arredondo. Clarinet Player Dr. David Lopez also performed a special feature.

Guess conductor
Fernando Penaloza was a guess conductor. He conducted the Fullerton College Symphonic Winds on Shenandoah. Photo credit: Neddie Facio

Student Conductor Arredondo, a music major, led the band for the song “Russian Sailors Dance,” one of his favorites from the show.

“Every section as it got faster and faster is supposed to mimic a Russian sailor dancing,” said Arredondo as he describes the song.

One of the closing pieces was the “Funeral March from ‘The Twilight of the God,’” which was both solemn and dark.

Garrett Beige French a horn player, Music Performance/Education major says that one of his favorite pieces to perform was “Funeral March from ‘The Twilight of the God.'”

Beige says “It was very dark [with] very open sounds, and gave me a lot of lei weigh for my own performance as far as interpretation of the piece itself”.

The conductor at work
Dr. Anthony Mazzaferro conducting the Fullerton College Symphonic Winds as well as Dr.David Lopez Photo credit: Neddie Facio

The overall performance was a success and seemed to be enjoyed by both attendees as well as performers.

The time spent in preparation for the performance could be entirely noticed by the dedication in which each player exhibited. Each performer was entirely satisfied with the show, the symphonic winds definitely ended on a high note.


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